Why do they “ALL-IN” now?



Why now are much nastier, uglier, and much more hurried thereby absolutely naked imperialistic aggressions (led by US and its key western allies) are wildly rampant in the world, particularly in the North Africa and Central Asia region?

Why did they now drop one of the most strategic “intelligence assets,” the Osama bin Landen card in their 10 years-old history of so-called “war on international terrorism”?

Why does US now, with its “disgraceful poodles in the West” such as Britain (but not Blair this time, it’s Cameroon!) and France (a new French poodle Sarkozy), throw their still important lots into the dirty mud of discredit, dishonor, and disgrace?

Why do they now simultaneously wage ongoing military invasions, interventions or war propagandas in about a dozen multiple different fronts such as Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, DPRK (North Korea), Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but most importantly China, in addition to the already ongoing but “losing” battlegrounds in Afganistan and Iraq?

Why do they now employ even more aggressive, extremely hypocritical, and disgustingly arrogant, in other words, arbitrary in their deceitful deliberations of nakedly imperialistic military adventures on all those somewhat very uncertain and unpredictable but seemingly unwinnable fronts?

Why do they now even push their puppets in the Arab world such as a handful number of billionaire kings, princes, and emirates of tiny small (feudalistic thereby extremely undemocratic) “Gulf Cooperation Council” (GCC) nations (except Saudi Arabia only in its vast territory but no freedom whatsoever) onto another very risky imperial scheme with full of “another extremely deceitful and fabricated lies,” essentially same as in the case of Iraqi invasion, in order to justify their military invasion of Libya?

Is it because these Western colonialist and American imperialist forces are winning from/in all those deceitful and fabricated in essence and intentionally-instigated military conflicts in the first place, and thereby extremely hypocritical and outrageous, and therefore, as a result, already morally defeated dirty wars?

Or is it because they are absolutely sure what they are doing?

Or is it because they are quite certain they will be justified anyway in what they are doing now in North Africa as they’ve done the very same thing repeatedly around the globe for centuries?

Or is it because they are confident, as they’ve done all along in the past, they can get away from all those repeated crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of racism?

Or is it because their culture of lie, deception and hypocrisy is undeniably part of their colonial histories and international relations?

Or is it particularly because as long as they have the military superpower, they don’t care how the rest of the world think, accuse and/or challenge their crimes against humanity and war crimes?

Or is it because they can instead employ their convenient international tools such as UN Security Council and/or International Criminal Court (ICC) for both concealment and justification of their outright crimes, as they did in 1990s to rid of Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia?   

Answers to all those self-raised questions in the above two different set of categories are as follows:

  1. Answers to all those why now and is it because questions seem self-evident and identical in essence in terms of the “continued decline of American Empire,” instead its resurgence to the “only global superpower” status;
  2. The core contents of those self-made questions are in essence a sociopolitical, cultural and historical embodiment of rapidly declining processes of the self-proclaimed “21st Century Empire”;
  3. And two former Western Empires, i.e., the British Empire and French Empire seem faithfully to accompany their present global representative the American Empire in its dishonored and disgraced journey to decline;
  4. That’s why they are so frantic, flip-flop and in a hurry in their deceptive international relations with their nonstop attempts to disrupt sovereign nations’ internal affairs and/or in their crimes against humanity and war crimes;
  5. But at the same time the world also seems educationally learn a crucial lesson from what they do against Libya, Syria now and possibly next to Iran, Cuba or DPRK and even China, as they continue to attempt their so-called “Jasmine Revolution” against China in the name of so-called “democracy, human rights and freedom.”


Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in chief at the 4th Media is also a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.


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