Israel Instructs Obama: "Iranian, Syrian Sanctions Are NOT PAINFUL ENOUGH! IMPOSE International Blockade NOW!"

On 3/26/2013 Iran is expected to meet with other world powers in Astana, Kazakhstan to discuss its nuclear program. Discussions that the occupiers of Palestine fervently hope will not be successful. It is toward this end that their key demand this week to the US Congress, the White House and the European Union is “to cast responsibility on the Iranians by blaming them for the talks’ failure in the clearest terms possible.” According to the Al-Monitor of 3/19/13, Israel also demands that the countries meeting in Kazakhstan “make it perfectly clear that slogans such as ‘negotiations can’t go on forever’ are their marching orders to the White House, and they want the Kazakhstan attendees to act “so severely that the Iranians realize that they face a greater threat than just Israeli military action.”

Why do they “ALL-IN” now?

[Editorial]   Why now are much nastier, uglier, and much more hurried thereby absolutely naked imperialistic aggressions (led by US and its key western allies) are wildly rampant in the world, particularly in the North…