Is Russia jeopardizing BRICS’ unity and future roles in global affairs?



“Russia offers to mediate ex-ally Gadhafi’s exit” is the news title from the AP last Friday, May 27. This is exactly the signal Russia is going to give in to US/NATO pressures, so that the former will also join the latter in their military aggression against another sovereign nation Libya.

The story Russia also joins the US-led NATO aggressions against Libya could be a devastating blow to the future power relations which is still in an unpredictable restructuring process of this new 21st Century.

If those BRICS nations fail to keep some sort of unity in its collective efforts to balance, counter or deter the unilateral US/NATO colonial practices around the whole globe, particularly this time in North Africa and Arab regions, yet fully unmeasured consequences of negativity from that breakup of newly formed BRICS could be immense.

Their roles and responsibilities in the future global affairs could be significantly diminished if the above-mentioned circumstances are going to be an unchangeable reality.

Still US/NATO powers unashamedly continue to employ those “false flags” such as “protection of civilians,” as French President Nicolas Sarkozy said again at G-8 summit meeting last Friday:  “There is ‘great unanimity’ about an ‘intensification of the military intervention’ to protect civilians.

The AP reports “Russia abandoned one-time ally Moammar Gadhafi and offered Friday to mediate a deal for the Libyan leader to leave the country he has ruled for more than 40 years.”

When Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said of Gadhafi in the following way, “He should leave,” or “I proposed our [Russian] mediation services to my partners [in NATO]. Everyone thinks that would be useful,” what a disgustingly shameful and overwhelmingly disappointing statement it is! It’s undoubtedly a cowardly sign of “giving-in” to US/NATO threats!

Another statement from Medvedev like this, as AP reports, “[i]f Gadhafi makes this decision, which will be beneficial for the country and the people of Libya, then it will be possible to discuss the form of his departure, what country may accept him and on what terms, and what he may keep and what he must lose,” could amply make anyone confused if it came from US, Britain or French president, instead Russia.

The AP story already reveals the West disparagingly treats Russia as in the following way: “With Gadhafi increasingly isolated and NATO jets intensifying their attacks, Russia may also be eyeing Libya’s oil and gas and preparing for the prospect that the lucrative Libyan market will fall into full rebel control.”

By giving in to US/NATO power, Russia made himself already a disrespected nation. The traditional colonial powers already disrespectfully describe the newly-joined junior patner who also “eyes Libya’s oil and gas” or is vying into (some sort of) an international robbery in terms who’d have how much or less shares from “the lucrative Libyan market.”

I wonder how many Russians would be ever proud, instead ashamed, of their nation’s president who seemed to have acted like a “sold-out guy” to the “big bad boys.”

By being sold out, it seems Russia is not only going to abandon its longtime ally Libya but also its newly grouped friends of BRICS who just agreed to work for a better, just and equal future of the humanity when they recently gathered in Sanya, China.

For the sake of the record, it’s important to note what the other partner in that newly built BRICS structure as one of the most important symbols in regard to a better future in this new 21st Century such as South Africa whose President Jacob Zuma went “to work out a peaceful outcome,” so that he was “heading to Libya on behalf of the African Union.”

Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in chief at the 4th Media is also a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsignhua University.

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