The world is at the brink of either being subdued by or overcoming US/NATO militarism



The US/NATO military power seems not going to stop their aggressions in North Africa region anytime soon!

Now they seem not going to rest at all even after they might have,sooner or later,taken over the tremendously abundant financial wealth and the yet fully revealed amount of natural resources (known as “the finest oil in the world,” vast amount of natural uranium, etc.) away from the Libyan people.

Is that Libya piece alone not enough for them? It seems so.

Is this because there are too many Western shareholders waiting in line to get some pieces of that cake?

So did they now need to move forward for another prey? This time is Syria, right?

How can they do that?

Dummy, it’s so easy! How so?

It can be done really easily! It’s damn easy and simple, you know!

They can simply reemploy the wonderful tactics they’d successfully used against Libya, and then follow the rules and games afterwards as they’ve done since March 19 when they launched their military interventions in the name of “no-fly-zone” (i.e., indiscriminate bombings and firing missiles not only to military targets but also to some civilian areas, even to hospitals) and then so-called “protection of civilians.”

But it’s OK it’s  costing us only around “100 million a day”!

Don’t worry, man! It’s cheap!

By the way, the number of US/NATO bombings so far is still not much. It’s only “10,177 Sorties and 3,860 Combat Missions”!

So we should do more, right? Of course!

By the way how then do they begin to apply those tactics to Syria this time?

Where to begin with what?

Um, you seem really don’t know!

Well it’s really well-known for more than at least a half century: First, US/NATO secret spy agencies (probably led US CIA, of course, together with the Israeli Mossad as well) organize sabotage, civil disruptions, staged protests and demonstrations, sharpshooters, burn government buildings, attack and destroy police stations (or even military barracks, if possible) inside of those nations they’d identify with to destroy.

By the way I forgot one very important thing to mention. In the midst of the above-mentioned sociopolitical, legal disruptions, those hired thugs and mercenaries and/or fanatical fundamentalist terrorits are told to snatch government weapons and explosives from those attacked police or military depositories in every way possible!

Yes, of course, they can do that dirty tricks very well inside of those countries they want to destroy first, then rob their human and natural resources,  and finally occupy the land, if possible at all.

Last time it was Libya. This time it’s Syria now. Then it’s most likely Iran next (as Seymour Hersh at The New Yorker predicts in his latest article, “Despite Intelligence Rejecting Iran as Nuclear Threat, US Could Be Headed for Iraq Redux”).

Second, not as a sequence in order but together with the first move as explained in the above, they hire mercenaries and terrorists (such as Al Qaeda as it was the case in Libya) all over from poor North African and Arab countries and let them carry out all those dirty stuffs such as indiscriminate killings, assassinations, and all sorts of other disruptions as they did sucessfully in Libya.

And then, through their corporate global media, they begin to blame and simultaneously demonize those countries’ national leaderships together with their so-called “undemocratic, authoritarian, human-rights abusive” governments for all that merciless killings and destructions.

Of course, a dozen of globally well-known US/NATO corporate media are ready to provide any further services their bosses might need in the forms of ongoing media manipulation, media deception, media control, “manufactured consent,” and so on.

The world was deceived again when UN Security Council passed the UN Resolution 1973 to impose “no-fly-zone” over the sovereign Libyan airspace on March 17.

Now the most powerful UN body is being pushed again to authorize similar resolutions against Syria, if not the same as in the case of Libya.

It seems now China takes a much different position from the previous one they took at UNSC in March 17.

The whole world watches again, in great expectation and hope but also together with such an anxiety, if China could hold onto its present position, unlike Russia who was eventually subdued by US/NATO in Libya case  seemingly for their own national interests (something now very much disappointedly for a while).  

By the way, in order to make the historical record clear, it may be necessary to note that, though the NATO looks now at the forefront in its recent military aggressions against Libya, there is no doubt it’s the US who is in charge.

Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in chief at the 4th Media is also a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.

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