VIDEO: Georgia trying to Avoid US Sanctions against Iran


Georgia is one of the most pro-American countries on earth. Its capital boasts a street named after former president George Bush, and thousands of its soldiers fight alongside American forces in Afghanistan.

But, uniquely for an American ally, Georgia is also on friendly terms with Iran, a neighbouring state with which Georgia shares many cultural and historical links. Now, with the US and other western countries pushing for further sanctions on Iran, Georgian the country could find itself in a delicate position. The government has not commented about its position on sanctions, but experts say Georgia might be faced with a difficult choice.

Even so, few people actually think Georgia will have to make a choice between its strategic partnership with the US and its burgeoning relations with Iran.

That’s a view shared by American experts living in Tbilisi.

Indeed, from the streets of the capital, there is no sign of the Iranian-Georgian relationship deterioration. Trade turnover in 2010 was about 60 million dollars, which is significant for a small country like Georgia.

Here in Tbilisi there are many Iranian restaurants and travel agencies opening, and Persian is heard more and more in the streets. However, politically, the US is by far Georgia’s most significant ally. So as tensions between Iran and the US continue, Georgia will keep trying to remain friends with everybody.



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