VIDEO: UK Police Accused of 2005 Bombings Cover-up


For years, the spectre of terrorism has been used to justify the UK’s aggressive foreign policy and the implementation of what many human rights groups consider draconian internal measures.

But several civil servants, including former police and intelligence officers, have questioned the official narrative. They say many questions remain unanswered over the alleged terrorist threat facing the UK. For example the government says the 7/7 London bombings were carried out by four Muslim men. But there’s never been an independent inquiry.

For ten years Tony Farrell worked as the principal intelligence analyst at South Yorkshire police, close to where three of the alleged London bombers came from. But he was removed from his job when he concluded that the real threat to the British public comes from within the UK’s establishment itself, which he believes is prepared to orchestrate bombings like 7/7 on its own soil for political ends.

His views will be dismissed by many in the UK as outlandish and fantasy. Farrell admits he personally didn’t see hard evidence of a cover-up, as intelligence was filtered before it reached him. But he claims there are others within the civil and security services who share his views, but don’t want to rock the boat.

There is a growing movement of people questioning the accepted narrative on terrorism.

For Tony Farrell this has also become personal. He’s appealing against his dismissal from the police. But for the moment he faces an uphill battle to get his views heard in the mainstream.



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