An urban person came to our village for pig farming, is it necessary for him to apply for a temporary residence permit?

I am a party secretary of our village. It is a wonderful investment that a guy from Beijing will stay here for pig farming to the economy of our village, so all of us welcome him to our place.

 It is not mention that how intelligence the urban guy is, the pig farm has a scale less than half a year. His pigs are better and cheaper than us so that our pigs cannot sell out at all, finally, there are no other alternatives for us only to feed the pigs for his farm. My grandson said the situation can be called as Dumping so popular outside the rural areas. What the hell is? I really don’t know.

 The farm has expended larger and larger, the smell from it all around the village almost drive us crazy. The guy’s wife sent me French perfume as gift to protect the horrible smell which other villagers still don’t have and the village also smelly.

 There are no asphalt road just the mud ones which have been pressed bumpy by the cars of the pig farm, and our wooden cars can pass anymore. Just because of the expending of the pig farm the persons in there are become complexity, drunken and sexual harassment start occurring in our simple village.

 Villagers hate the pig farm deeper and deeper, I am so worried about it. And we wondered if the pig farm can improve a little bit. The pig farm should give the villagers some fresh air and mend the road for us. And as for the sexual harassment whether we should let them to apply the temporary resident permits and each of them will pay 10, 000 Yuan to reduce the population which can stabilize the society of our village. We also have the money.

The pigs farmed in his factory sometimes also sell for us, he should make sure the health of those these pigs. My grandson also said he should pay for the street management fee, mental damages and noise pollution.

Oh, I almost forget something, we plan to build an office for the village in the middle of the pig farm which is an excellent place for Fengshui, if not his business should not be so well. My grandson told me there is somewhat Demolition Management Regulations can let them demolish unconditionally or pay them several Yuan. The situation became seriously, they did not let us to demolish.

My grandson heard the news a lot, his said the regulation is wonderful, if they unwilling to demolish we can force to execute just ask several villagers to push them down and catch them as against the law. Oh, my god! This regulation is so unmoral and outrages.

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Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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