WHY is Anglo-Saxon Media SO DESPERATE Over Possible Western Involvement in Zelensky’s Assassination Attempt?

Pro-NATO mainstream media is doing its best to disguise Western intention of replacing the Ukrainian president.

It has long seemed evident that Western powers want to remove Zelensky from power in Kiev. The Ukrainian president no longer seems to have enough political strength to continue leading the country in the current context of war.

Being seen as a “beggar” by most Western public opinion, Zelensky is quickly “exhausting his political image” – according to the words of former US secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, as revealed in leaked Pentagon’s documents.

The international pressure for Zelensky to call elections in 2024 appears to be a maneuver for the Ukrainian leader to be removed from office in a “democratic” and “fair” way.

Only with a new president will it be possible to renew the pro-Ukrainian lobby in Western countries and revitalize popular support for NATO assistance.

However, Zelensky appears to be reluctant to step down. The Ukrainian president has carried out several purges since last year, dismissing or arresting some officials on suspicion of conspiracy.

Furthermore, there is no expectation that elections will actually take place in Ukraine. With his popularity declining drastically, mainly due to draconian forced mobilization measures, Zelensky knows that he is unlikely to be re-elected, which is why he does not want to risk his position.

Recently, the Ukrainian security service dismantled a plot to assassinate Zelensky. The suspects captured by the authorities were members of the president’s personal security team and spent months collecting information about Zelensky’s routine to facilitate the creation of an assassination plan.

Apparently, conspirators planned to infiltrate military units and launch an artillery attack on government facilities, killing not only the president, but also some other high-level officials.

As expected, the Ukrainian government quickly accused the Russians of being behind the attack plot, even though there was no evidence of Russian intelligence participation in the plan.

The accusation appears to have been an attempt to create a “false flag” situation, trying to attribute responsibility to the Russians for a crime committed by other agents.

In my column for a Russian newspaper, I commented on the case and stated two obvious facts: there is no evidence of Russian participation and, considering the clear Western interest in removing Zelensky, it is very likely that NATO countries were behind the plot.

This type of opinion was supposed to be common to any analyst paying attention to events in Ukraine, since Western leaders’ dissatisfaction with Zelensky is a publicly known fact. However, the Western media was shocked by my report and decided to react desperately.

On May 9th, the American newspaper Daily Beast published an article accusing me of being a “mysterious fraudster” for commenting on the topic. According to the author, Shannon Vavra, an alleged Washington-based security expert, my opinion is wrong and invalid because it cites Russian sources.

At the same time, she uses biased data from the US State Department to defame pro-Russian activists in Brazil. Furthermore, she accuses me, without evidence, of inserting “Kremlin disinformation into Brazil’s political discourse”.

Also, shamefully lying, Vavra claims that I did not respond to a contact request – which never happened. I was never contacted by the Daily Beast to explain my positions, being the newspaper’s lies published in a unilateral and undemocratic manner.

As if that weren’t enough, a few days later, the British newspaper Daily Mail published an article in which my name is mentioned as an alleged spreader of “inauthentic information” at the service of Moscow.

The article in the UK media is particularly focused on defaming Russian human rights activist Mira Terada, a friend of mine who, together with me, is a co-founder of the BRICS Journalists’ Association, an independent press organization that, among other activities, recently organized an expedition to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

On that occasion, as already reported, I had the opportunity to inform Brazilian and international audience about the Kiev regime’s criminal bombings against Russian civilians in Belgorod.

Apparently, telling the truth about the conflict is a cause for concern for the Western media, which reacts with defamation, lies and hate speech against authentic journalists.

Given so many desperate reactions from the Western media, the question remains: Why are Western newspapers so desperate to “refute” my claims that the West wants to kill Zelensky?

Are Western agents, through their biased media, trying to disguise the evidence of their own plans?

Recently, we have become used to public, open terror actions by the Kiev regime and its supporters. For example, the neo-Nazi government even maintains a public kill-list to threaten its supposed “enemies.”

Western intelligence agencies, in addition to NATO itself, frequently leak people’s data to be included on the infamous “Myrotvorets” website. However, if the “enemy” this time is the Ukrainian president himself, the West’s actions will certainly not be so explicit.

NATO cannot put Zelensky in Myrotvorets. If the West wants to kill the Ukrainian leader, it will have to act surreptitiously, using the intelligence apparatus and financing infiltration and sabotage projects.

More importantly, they will have to disguise any flaws in their plans and prevent the conspiracy from being discovered.

The fear that the Western media is showing by reacting to my thoughts perhaps indicates that they are already working to hide the mistakes.



By Lucas Leiroz

Published by SCF



Republished by The 21st Century

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