Thirteen years fugitive was arrested because of TV show

Blind date program
Wu Gang's photo
Wu Gang is in prision

Wu gang, 40 years old and was born in Jinlin province, fled after the assassination of a one person 13 years ago. But when he participated in a Heilongjiang TV program, he was identified and brought to justice after 13 years.

Why did he participate in a TV show? Had he really forgotten who he is?

Wu said he have organized a gathering of more than a hundred, and then want to do several dating shows. So he participated in TV blind date program just for experiencing the process.

When the TV station found him to let him participate in the program, Wu thought that the TV program was only broadcast in local and his appearance and sensory changed a lot, so that he may not be identified. But it’s not true, TV is broadcast in the world and he is in original image.

Asked for girlfriend, Wu said that he and his girlfriend were together for seven years, eventually brok up. He was a sinner so that he cannot give her a family.

Wu said, he tried to forget the past. He was a emotional person, and he wanted to hurt nobody.

However, truth is truth. He must take responsibility for what he did.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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