Shaanxi Chengguan conflicted with street vendors, the crowed overturned the police car

On July 14, 2011, a netizen “萍踪” posted in the west forum, saying that he saw Pucheng urban management disputed with vendors selling fruits and led to physical conflict in the street about 7 pm. Several minutes later, the crowed overturned an urban law enforcement vehicle, resulting in a large number of passers-by crowed.

The post has attracted wide attention.

Next day, Pucheng County Party committee published the details of the matter on the official website. It is understood that due to ban mobile vendors stalls during inspections at night, Pucheng city administrators disputed with the female vendor in the evening of July 12, around 7:30. After the woman’s families arrived, abuse and tears were occurred in the both sides, resulting in more than hundred people crowed and a car was overturned. Until the police arrived at the scene, the crowed gradually dispersed and the situation was under control.

Two Chengguan have been punished, and the accident still is under investigation.

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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