SPECIAL: The 2024 Olympics in Paris, ECHOES of Berlin 1936

The U.S. and its allies have arrogated a political prerogative to exclude Russia in a way that would have been unimaginable with the USSR.

Berlin, Germany, in 1936, hosted the Olympic Games fraught with international tensions. The Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler had seized power in 1933. Berlin won the bid to host the games at the 29th International Olympic Committee Session on April 26, 1931.

It was the first time that the quadrennial sporting event was to be televised, with radio broadcasts reaching 41 countries. Germany wanted to show the world that it was a modern, prosperous, and democratic country.

For the occasion, the anti-Semitic slogans were removed, which not only concerned Jews but also Gypsies (Romani), the Slavic people, Africans and Asians.

Comparisons can be readily made with the international tensions and vested political ambitions of the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11. French President Emmanuel Macron has personally sought to make the event a showcase for presumed national prowess.

The political orchestration and propaganda efforts are similar to the Berlin games of 1936.

Eighty-eight years ago, German Jewish athletes were barred or prevented from taking part. Lithuania was expelled from the Olympic Games due to Berlin’s position regarding Lithuanian anti-Nazi policy, particularly because of the Trial of Neumann and Sass in Klaipėda, Lithuania, in 1934–1935.

How ironic that Lithuania was not allowed to participate at the time when now this small Baltic country has become one of the most fascist nations in Europe and rabidly Russophobic.

For the Paris Olympics 2024, Russia and Belarus are de facto banned from participating, sanctioned so to speak, as the new enemy of Europe, or perhaps still the old enemy. Nothing seems to have changed since 1936.

France has now stepped into the role of the National Socialist regime led by Adolf Hitler. To fully appreciate the French leadership now in 2024 would require analyzing their predominant mass media and the mentality of their politicians and elites.

For example, Sébastien Chenu, a French politician who is a member of the National Assembly, and openly gay, praised France’s nuclear weapons for bringing independence and for France being a nuclear superpower, outside of NATO.

Or Vincent Desportes, a French reserve general, goes one step further and proclaims in a television program that Russia fears France the most. France’s nuclear capabilities could destroy Russia, he said. Maybe he’s suffering from egotistical insecurity known as the Napoleon Complex.

France is at the center of discussions about the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games and its political consequences. Of course, Russians and Belarusians are allowed to participate as “neutral” individuals, but without their flag, and must distance themselves from the special military operation called war in the West.

In other words, they should hardly be Russian or Belarusian present at the games because they should be labeled as neutral, preferably gender neutral of course, following the example of the LGBT sect prevalent in the West.

In 1936, the Nazi party was obsessed with nudity and pompous nude figures. Everywhere there were these kitsch imitations of Roman and Greek sculpture with of course an Aryan appearance. A film called Olympia by Leni Riefenstahl was also made to exalt Germany’s delusions of grandeur.

Now, in 2024, the new fascist sect obsesses about perfectionism of the body, the so-called LGBT sect (based on transhumanism), which allows so-called transgender people, who were once men to participate as a woman or vice versa. This goes against fair competition.

After all, the (transformed) woman still has the strength of a man, otherwise, the (transformed) man will probably lose to the “real” man.

In ancient times, the Olympic Games, first played in Olympia, Greece, were used to assess the military strength of states and countries, a bit like the “military games” in modern times.

Athletes who proved to be dangerous opponents represented a strong country, while weak athletes represented a weak state or a country vulnerable to attack. Physical results in sports can be an indication of a country’s strength.

Despite all the slogans in modern times that the Olympic Games should not be used as a political tool, that is of course the case, and nothing has changed since ancient Greece. We now see it happening again with the stand-off between Russia and the West in a way redolent of the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The difference now is that the U.S. and its Western/NATO allies have arrogated a political prerogative to exclude Russia in a way that would have been unimaginable with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  Russia can no longer demonstrate its strengths in sports on the “Olympic battlefield”.

French leaders claim that Russian athletes are willing to endure insults and humiliation to compete and serve the West’s global interests. French leaders blatantly lie that Russia is ceding to Western interests over Russia’s well-being or they are too weak to respond on the battlefield, citing their alleged lack of response to provocations such as attacks by French SCALP missiles on Russia.

The truth is Russia is retaliating and killing French mercenaries deployed in Ukraine. In January 2024, Russia delivered a precise strike at a temporary deployment area of foreign mercenaries near Kharkov. Most of the killed military personnel in that strike were citizens of France.

The building where the mercenaries were deployed was destroyed. More than 60 troops were eliminated and more than 20 wounded were transported to medical facilities.

To the disgust of many French people, French military personnel have been recruited to fight in Ukraine alongside the likes of the Azov Battalion which is an openly Neo-Nazi paramilitary fully integrated with the NATO-backed Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Olympic Games are therefore a vivid example of how the event is used to project propaganda and aggression from France and NATO toward Russia.

The ancient Greek tradition of ekecheiria (armistice) was the cornerstone of the Olympic Games in antiquity, providing security and a peaceful environment for both the athletes and the spectators in attendance.

So, today, French leader Emmanuel Macron appeals to the ancient tradition and says he wants a truce for the Paris games. What nonsense! Macron supposedly seeks a truce while still denigrating Russia with insulting restrictions on its athletes.

Macron is another French politician who suffers from the Napoleon Complex. (See our latest SCF editorial on the subject.)

Security measures will also be scaled up in Paris this summer. Tourists have been told they will not be allowed to view the opening ceremony along the Seine River for free from the riverbanks as the French government has scaled back its ambitions amid ongoing security concerns.

On March 24, 2024, France raised its security preparedness to the highest level following a deadly attack on a Moscow concert hall, and as with other NATO states claimed the Islamic State was behind the attack. Another lie.

Russian investigators have established that Ukraine was instrumental in the attack that killed over 144 people in the Crocus City Hall venue on March 22. The West, including France, responded immediately, within an hour of the atrocity, and categorically asserted that an Islamist group, Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K), was responsible.

Other NATO countries follow France’s frenzy regarding sports. The German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants a total ban on all Russian athletes entering Germany for any international competition. Putin should not be given a propaganda platform, she said.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said she hopes that Russian athletes will not be allowed to participate in the Paris Olympics even under neutral flags, and she added, they will not be welcome at the opening ceremony on July 26.

By contrast, Israeli athletes are fully welcome, Hidalgo told Reuters in an interview.

Since October 7, 2023, a genocide has been raging in Gaza perpetrated by the Western-backed Israeli regime. The International Court of Justice has deemed the violence constitutes a “plausible genocide”.

Nevertheless, as far as the French state is concerned, Israel is welcome with open arms to participate in the Olympics in full national colors without the slightest censure. Such hypocrisy among the European and American elites is heinous and repugnant.

Russia will not be bullied by the West. The counterpart of the Olympic Games is the Friendship Games. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law regulating the preparation and holding of the World Friendship Games in Russia.

The competition will be held in Moscow and Yekaterinburg in 2024, with 5,500 athletes participating.



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