Mali: US AFRICOM Operates To KEEP CHINA out of AFRICA: US Colonization of The WHOLE AFRICA CONTINUES!!!



As we predicted this past week, the theatrical upheaval in Mali was merely a nudging exercise to move forward the stated objectives laid down in US AFRICOM policy.

With no debate or questioning in foreign policy circles, and with Obama’s coronation and ceremonial pop concert in Washington DC keeping American eyes and ears glued to the corporate media punditry, NATO allies, led by the US, are carefully carving out a comprehensive military footprint in Africa in order to further evict Chinese influence from the continent.



A convenient excuse in the short-term will be to “stop the spread of Islamic extremist,” but as history has witnessed, this is merely a superficial justification for a comprehensive military and economic colonization of the region over the next two decades.

Ironic that it would be America’s first “black” President who would reside over the takeover of Africa.

Expect more US bases to come in the near future, as well as more violent civil wars popping up regularly in the region.


By Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire

Global Research, January 20, 2013


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