Obama's War Turned Libya into Another Afghanistan: Mali A Collateral Damage from the Illegal "Regime Change" Operation in Libya


Obama’s illegal Libyan War is escalating into a greater disaster with over a thousand French troops fighting the Al Qaeda linked terrorists who have taken over Northern Mali and a hostage crisis in Algeria involving Americans and Europeans carried out by Islamist terrorists who came out of Libya.

Not only has Obama lost the War in Afghanistan, but he has managed to turn North Africa into the new Afghanistan.

The terrorists who attacked the In Amenas gas complex in eastern Algeria appear to have been of several nationalities, and may have trained in jihadist camps across the border in southern Libya, according to sources familiar with the situation there.

A former head of intelligence for the Transitional National Council in Libya also confirmed to CNN that he was aware of three camps in the area. Rami El Obeidi said the camps had been operational for about a year and confirmed that foreign fighters had been among the militants training there.

The former intelligence chief said the Libyan army had little capability in this vast area of desert and there was a fear of confronting the extremists.

El Obeidi also said that extremist militia in Libya were financing militant groups in Mali and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb as well as providing them with logistical support.

Thanks to Obama’s Libyan War, parts of Libya are now the new Afghanistan.

Algerian security sources told Reuters late Thursday that the militants whose bodies had been recovered from the complex so far included three Egyptians, two Tunisians, two Libyans, a Malian and a French citizen.



The common denominator here is that aside from France, the terrorists came from two Arab Spring countries taken over by Islamists, and from Mali, taken over by Al Qaeda.

This isn’t a coincidence. Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt and Ennahda rule in Tunisia has untied the hands of the Salafis in those countries who have escalated the violence against Christians and women, as well as their plans to take over the region.

All these events are dividends of Obama’s Arab Spring. And Obama piled on with an illegal regime change operation in Libya.

On the BBC, Kofi Annan said that Mali was collateral damage from Libya.

Annan, who was widely quoted during the Bush era by the American media when he criticized the Iraq War is being ignored now that he’s talking about Libya, which was a genuinely illegal war, a regime change operation conducted under the guise of a No Fly Zone.

Between Egypt, Libya, Mali and Tunisia; Obama’s foreign policy has turned formerly stable and even friendly countries into hostile danger zones and terrorist training camps.



And the media refuses to hold him accountable for it.

Oh and no story about Libya would be complete without word from Benghazi, the city whose welfare Obama used as justification for beginning his illegal war.

A Salafist group in eastern Libya has called for protests after Friday prayers in Benghazi in response to the French intervention in Mali — posting on its Facebook page that “Mali is bleeding” because of the French involvement.

It sure would have been terrible if Gaddafi would have recaptured Benghazi.


Daniel Greenfield



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