The most disgusting food in the world

Recently, CNN selected the most disgusting food in the world. In their eyes, a variety of Asian food is disgusting, and the most one is preserved eggs (Pi Dan). CNN described the eggs as looking strange and having a poor taste. The remaining list of Asian food includes dog meat in Korea and fried tarantula (a big and fluffy spider) in Cambodia.

As the new spread quickly online, more than half a million users on, China’s leading social network website, joined a group formed to discuss the “egg news”.

“豆沙包” said that “I especially love to eat preserved eggs. ”

“偶然思考”said, “Don’t be angry, you are lack sense of humor. And I think this is to advertise preserved eggs and we should thank them. ”

“尐訞錵”said that “CNN selected preserved eggs as the most disgusting food, and give a phrase” thousand –year preserved egg”. They cannot understand the preserved egg that has five hundred years because of the history of the United State. The production process of preserved egg was recorded in the Ming Dynasty, and there was no difference with today.”

On the Weibo, most of netcitizens support preserved eggs in different ways.

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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