Moon cakes never become rotten for three years

An American dietitian’s operation shows that the potato chips and hamburgers brought in McDonald a year ago was almost the same in 2010 which aroused heated discussion about the preservative in food. And at July the 4th, a woman in Chongqing also found that the moon cakes she brought three years ago were till not mildew and she suspected that whether the phenomenon was because the function of preservative.

The journalist asked the producer for the reason why the moon cakes can keep so long a time. The producer said he never met this situation before as the moon cakes can only be preserved for one year at most, and the preservatives in them were not overdose.The president of the Hua Sheng Yuan Food Limited Company Liu Conghua thought the moon cakes might be preserved for a long time in theory if handled the technical aspects. But the final reason why these two unusual moon cakes can not become rot will wait the test by the authorities.

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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