The case of high price tolls in Henan is confirmed that the armed police involved and transferred to the prosecution

The case of high price tolls in Henan province has been transferred to the prosecution in Lushan, Henan province. The suspects Shi Jianfeng and Shi Junfeng were sued as instigating others to provide false testimony.

Villager Shi Jianfeng was sentenced to life imprisonment because of avoiding 3.68 million Yuan tolls. However, Shi Jianfeng retracted and his brother turned himself in and asserted that he signed a contract with Zhang Xintian and Li Jinliang both of them are armed police officials and will pay 1.2 million Yuan to them for using the license plate which is excusive to armed police.

The chair judge of this case was discharged since it started the retrial procedure.

Source: People

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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