Recognizing the differences between China and India

At present, news reported that the export of a mobile phone can only earn 1 dollar profit. However, the cost of the original mobile phone reached 99 dollars. The Chinese people do the most tired work to death wasting amount of resources but just can earn 1 dollar and let the Americans take away 99 dollars.
The original of mobile phone cannot have 99% of the total costs even if how high the level of their technology.
Turning to India which has a group of high level of industries and the people who have high educated, speak in English and living with a western style. On the contrary, India still has the large amounts of poverty populations who live in original states of agriculture without jobs. The gain yield of India is only one third of China’s; the rate of illiteracy is much higher than China. The peasantries of India are not able to work for the IT enterprises or do some small business relative with the industry, but China can. The migrant workers of China feed the largest enterprises in the world.

China has so many advantages to India’s rational people, but what prohibit India to become another China? Somebody says it caused by some shallow reasons like the culture, ethnics or even the weather. The human nature, however, has few differences only because in a variety environment. India did not treat the poor people nicely, the Nobel Prize winners try to do but can finally let the poor ones dead honorably.

India is better than the southern Africa for finding an industry of IT which totally relies on the western developed countries.

China never developed the IT industry deliberately, but the sales surpassed India and satisfy the domestic demands. China insights the whole structure of development but India just realizes a part of it.

Source: Tianya

Tanslated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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