China was pointed compromised in to decision of code of conduct in South China Sea

As the promote of the collective action of ASEAN countries, Wednesday morning, China and the ASEAN reached a settlement of the code of conduct in South China Sea. The foreign media guessed China make a concession on the issue again.

The high officials of China and ASEAN started the first step on the resolution of disputes in South China Sea after 9 years since the signature of the Declaration on the Code of Conduct in South China Sea.

The reason why China made the concession is protecting the America’s intervening?


幻想改变社会:The traitors are all around, the nation is dying. Maybe China is already dead everybody are conquered. The “foreigners’” husbands and fathers are helping the foreigners to graze the people of China and waiting them to shear over and over again.

无忧虫虫虫:The Declaration on code of Conduct on South China Sea already signed in 2002, actually China has nothing to lose, just gain more time for China to fix the issue. The code of conduct was proposed by Philippine to contain China by collect some countries tend to against China no matter from ASEAN or around the world. And there is no indication that the code will be passed.

城阳的旧中医:Joint development has been the final settlement already. Nobody knows how to implement the repartition of the sovereignty. The border demarcation is a trouble thing.

星辰掠影:Shit! Another Li Hongzhang, made concession again!! Diplomatic condemnation!! Being bullied in our home even makes decompression for them! The government of China is so crowd with rigid official thinking, outrage! Overall situation, what hell! Have no capability to protect the finally island of South China Sea. I don’t want to speak any more, outrages! The government official sucks!

城阳的旧中医:The point is the international practice who actually occupant the areas. 
一路小跑ABC:Deeply missing Chairman Mao!

鲜花半天:Missing Chairman Mao so much!

Source: Tianya

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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