A couple of post-’90 generation sold their three children for money

The young lovers’ son
Li Juan
Li Lin

On July 17, a pair of young lovers born in 1990s answered the police’s question in Yongjiang County Detention Center.

The police: “Do you miss your children?”

The couple: “No, we don’t”

The police: “If the children are found, do you want to take away?”

The couple: “Please don’t take them back. We don’t want them.”

Facing to the police’s interrogation, the couple was not nervous a little, but smiled and asked, “When can we go back?”

The young couple looks like a little innocent. But they sold their three biological children in three years without nostalgia. They said simply that “we don’t want to keep, and they can be sold for money.”

The couple is Li Lin (an alias) and Li Juan (an alias).

Li Lin was acquainted with Li Juan, a 15-year-old girl in middle school, in June, 2007. But in September 6, 2008, they have a boy. After one month, Li Lin gave the boy to his mother to keep. On December 16, 2009, they gave birth to a girl because of no contraception measure.

However, the young lovers lived a difficult life so that sold their daughter in the price of 3,000 yuan. The money was soon spent out.

February, 2011, the two lovers sold their 2-year-old son for 30,000 yuan. After few days, Li Juan gave birth to a boy again, but sold in the price of 7,000 yuan.

On June 15, Li Lin’s mother sent the young lovers to local police to find her grandson.

Currently, the incident is under investigation.

Source: voc.com.cn

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com.

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