International Board:Lack of faith Led to a Waterfall Drop of A-stock market


International capital markets board probably becomes the most the hottest topic in china’s financial market in the past month. International Market mainly refers to the Shanghai Stock Exchange-listed red-chip and high-quality blue-chip foreign or oversea companies, because of its “offshore” nature; it has been classified as “international board”. Shang Fulin, chairman of china’s SFC, announced at the end of May that the date to lunch international board is near. The news, along with other factors, led to a waterfall drop of a stock market.

People do not support international board for the lack of information. On the one hand, regulators disclosed very limited information, some very important information such as the specific launch date of International board, the number of listed companies, the offering price, IPO size and threshold of these details are unknown. On the other hand, to which extent would the international board divert money flow from a-share market is still unknown. To many people, international board is just an illusionary concept.

Source:Nan Feng Chuang 

Translated and edited by Peng Bo. Write to him at

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