Chinese government release 3,000 yuan subsidy to KMT veterans

“I don’t want the other benefits, but the money I want” He Qiangong said, who was KMT (Kuomintang or Chinese Nationalist Party) soldier during Anti-Japanese War and now is the president of Whampoa Military Academy Alumni Association in Zixing city in Hunan province. He has the pension, but he especially valued the 3,000 yuan, thinking as a recognition and respect.

September 2010, the central government allocated special funds to123, 000 veterans to commemorate the 65th anniversary of anti-Japanese War’s victory. The funds would be paid one-time grants as living allowance, and each 3,000 yuan.

In Zixing city of Hunan province, there were 24 veterans received the subsidy, including 10 KMT veterans.

Li Tianliang, union president of Zixing bureau of Civial Affairs, said the qualifications to receive the subsidy is”participated in the Anti-Japanese War. ” Although some KMT veterans participated in the war between the Communist Part and KMT, they still could gain the subsidy as long as fight against Japanese.

Many KMT veterans still haven’t get the subsidy. And He Qiangong said “I hope the country can do this, all war veterans can get the same treatment.”

KMT veterans Wang Feihuang salute before his house. The medals made by the volunteers from Whampoa alumni and veterans care system.

SourceSouth China Weekly

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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