Charity should be operated openly

On the evening of 28 June 2011, the Chinese Red Cross website released the article, informed of the related information on guo meimei incident by Chinese Red Cross. The announcement made Chinese Red Cross and its business systems keep further distance with guo meimei.

Guo meimei, known as Maserati girl and Red Cross Chamber of Commerce general manager, flaunted her lavish lifestyle on her microblog, which promoted intense debate on her relationship with the worldwide charitable organization and Chinese Red Cross’s operation.

Given the past impression of Chinese Red Cross, guo meimei invent made people disappoint once again.

Guo meimei, a 20-years old girl, blatantly on the web, for whatever purpose, is not a big deal. However, it provides a chance for Chinese public charity to examine them.

The Red Cross should jump out of the surface problems and take this opportunity to think about their operation and why they are questioned so severe.

As the People’s Daily has issued a series of warning that “the public charity cannot afford to hurt” and “no clear, no charity”, credibility is the life of the charity.

SourceSouth China Weekly

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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