If the world loses Syria, there seems no further bright future for the world

The US and its faithful servants all over the world, particularly in the West and in the Middle East region seem ready to go all the way till the end in the US-led ANOTHER military intervention plan against Syria.

One after the other, most recently, the most senior US government figures such as President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and probably the most hawkish, maverick, noisy US Senator John McCain publicly called for “arming” Syria’s so-called “opposition armies.”

For almost a year now, they seemed to have done everything possible to cover up and justify their ANOTHER disgusting, hypocritical and vicious crimes against the whole world in their ANOTHER “REGIME CHANGE” strategy this time in Syria.

However, after they’ve repeatedly failed to obtain ANOTHER UN cover due to firm and undeterred oppositions from China and Russia, they seemed to have lost their diplomatic gesture of being further hypocritical.

Or, in fear of eventual failure of their regime change card in Syria, they might have decided not to play anymore with their usual cards of deception and manipulation of the world in the name of their worn-out cards of so-called “democracy, freedom, and human rights.”

ANOTHER deceptive manipulation they now employ is the card of so-called “humanitarian assistance.”

Backed by further inflamed propaganda wars of demonization against the Assad government by the UN, US/West’s mainstream media and their so-called “human rights NGOs” around the world, now they seem quite ready to go ahead to finally kill off the Assad government.

No matter how and what China and Russia and the rest of the world say and do, ANOTHER US-led CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and WAR CRIMES against ANOTHER sovereign and independent nation Syria is going to be carried out by any means necessary.

On Feb. 25, Friday, the so-called “Friends of Syria” from some 60 nations gathered in Tunis. Doubtlessly this is ANOTHER “DESPICABLE” (Secretary Clinton’s language at Tunis’ gathering to describe the veto decision by China and Russia on the Syria resolution at UNSC) COVER UP for US-led military gangsterism against Syria.

Here is Clinton’s ANOTHER “DESPICABLE” statement from Tunis on Feb. 25: “’It’s quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto while people are being murdered — women, children, brave young men — houses are being destroyed,’ she said. ‘It is just despicable and I ask whose side are they on? They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people.’”

There seem no further comments needed to argue if Clinton’s continued “DESPICABLE” comments are DESPICABLE or not. It seems there won’t be much disagreements either if her US Secretary State role since 2008 has made her name quite notorious enough already or not.

Anyway the gathering in Tunis might mean the US-led “despicable” gangster act is definitely a step closer for their nakedly direct military acts against Syria if the world, particularly China and Russia and the rest of the world further hesitate to find out what to do with the situation other than repeating their usual, ordinary and normal DIPLOMATIC efforts.

In other words, if China and Russia and the rest of the world continue their diplomatic overtures which seem to have been TOO NICE, TOO GENTLE, TOO ORDINARY, TOO DIPLOMATIC, thereby could-be interpreted TOO NAIVE while US and its mercenary subordinates further step up their ALREADY TOO MUCH UGLY, TOO MUCH VILE, TOO MUCH EXTRAORDINARY, and TOO MUCH VIOLENT in their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, it seems there won’t be any bright future NOT ONLY in the Middle East region BUT ALSO for the rest of the world.


Dr. Kiyul Chung, Editor in Chief, The 4th Media


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