China, Russia Vetoed Another “DISGUSTED” US/West-led UNSC Resolution against Syria!

The Language of “Disgusted”

“US ‘Disgusted’ by Russia, China Veto of Syria Resolution” is the title from the US ABC News on Feb. 5th.

It starts with the following wording:

“The United States is ‘disgusted’ by Russia and China’s decision to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution today that called for an immediate end to the violence in Syria, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice said today.”

However, I serioiusly doubt if the absolute majority of the entire humanity would agree with the language “disgusted” used by another very arrogant, hawkish and self-righteous Ambassador Rice who is a senior US government official.

She reminds many of another notoriously infamous “arrogant, hawkish and self-righteous” former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton during probably the most “arrogant, hawkish, and self-righteous” George W. Bush years.

It seems it’s becoming more and more a sort of norm or a culture for US senior officials in terms of their casual “arrogance, hawkishness, and self-righteousness” in public sphere, particularly in international relations.

In this regard, many might argue if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had not already become almost equal to that of Bolton or even that of W. Bush before and that of Rice now, too.

For many in the world, there seem not much differences among those most senior US officials’ public attitudes towards others.

However, it may not be terribly difficult to imagine how genuinely “disgusted” those world’s great majority populations would have felt by learning of Rice’s inappropriate description of others about their failure, as she said, “from fulfilling [their] sole purpose [of Regime Change in Syria].”

In fact, by learning of that greatly wonderful news from the UNSC vote on Feb. 4th, it seems most likely those majority populations around the world must have been joyous and quite relieved, at least for the moment, from the fear they dreadfully had last March 17 at UNSC Resolution 1973 against Libya.

It may be largely due to their keen knowledge of the UGLY history of US/West-led many “disgusted” resolutions of UNSC in the past which seemed to have provided many “disgusted justifications for many US/West-led military aggressions around the world.

This time it’s against Syria.

Last time it was against Libya.

Next time it could be against Iran.

Or could it be any nations who seem dare to challenge their continued  imperialistic wrong doings around the world.

I wonder if Ambassador Rice would have ever been able to understand it’s the 99.9%, NOT the 0.01% she seems to represent, of the world’s entire population is the very one who should feel extremely “disgusted” by the continued US/Israeli/British/French arrogant, bully, cunning, despicable (and deceptive), erroneous (and erratic), flagitious, gruesome, heinous (and hypocritical), irrational (and irritating), jealous, kooky, lying, mendacious, nefarious, opaque (obscure), questionable, ridiculous, suspicious, treacherous, unfit (and unnatural), vicious, wicked, “x, y, and z” actions and words.

The Language of “Even More Shameful”

Moreover, Ambassador Rice charged Russia should be “even more shameful” for their “selling weapons to Syria.”


Again, however, I really wonder if she’d not really known it’s the US who’s been uncomparably the Number ONE in the world for decades now in the global arms sales.

This is the title of a Reuters report: “U.S. leads world in foreign weapons sales: Report”; “The United States accounted for more than two-thirds of foreign weapons sales in 2008, a year in which global sales were at a three-year low, The New York Times reported on Sunday.”

I do hope she should try to find a time to read the following excerpts from both Reuters and the New York Times’ articles:

“Citing a congressional study released on Friday, the Times said the United States was involved in 68.4 percent of the global sales of arms. U.S. weapons sales jumped nearly 50 percent in 2008 despite the global economic recession to $37.8 billion from $25.4 billion the year before. The jump defied worldwide trends as global arms sales fell 7.6 percent to $55.2 billion in 2008, the report said. Global weapons agreements were at their lowest level since 2005. Italy, the second ranked country, amassed only $3.7 billion in arms sales, while Russia ranked third with sales falling to $3.5 billion in 2008, down from $10.8 billion in 2007.” Reuters: By Jasmin Melvin WASHINGTON | Sun Sep 6, 2009

The Language of “Unforgivable”

However, Ambassador Rice’s arrogant, hawkish and self-righteous words as an act of terror didn’t stop there.

She further charged both Chinese and Russian vetoes at the Saturday’s UNSC vote even as “unforgivable.”

It seems many might have become by now quite convinced that she must be also another typical US senior official like many of her past and present senior colleagues who seem almost all the time habitually or conveniently forget or willfully ignore US’ own countless number of “unforgivable” crimes.

Not even mentioning of their habitual lies, willful fabrications, false witnesses, misinformation, disinformation, and so on.

More and more, their seemingly psychotically habitual forgetfulness as their another “social disease,” just like the white racism, seems universal among almost all of those senior US officials including President Obama.

Thus I really wonder if Rice had ever assumed those 99.9% of the world’s populations have not known the US/West’s countless number of “unforgivable” colonial crimes against almost the entire non-white populations around the world.

Also I do really wonder if she’d not really known those numerous “unforgivable” crimes the white colonial powers have committeed against those “80 million” Native American populations and the other tens of millions of African Black slave populations for over more than five centuries now.

The Language of “Real Scandal”

The ABC news also introduces disappointments of the America’s Western (so-called) “allies” or, as many call, “subordinates,” such as Briton, France and Germany:

  1. French Ambassador Gerard Araud: The vetoes were a “sad day for the UN Security Council … a sad day for democracy and a sad day for Syrians. … Hundreds of Syrians are dying and it is no longer possible to wait. “
  2. Peter Wittig, the German ambassador to the United Nations criticized the vetoes by saying, “This is the real scandal.”
  3. British Ambassador to the U.N. Mark Lyall said Russia and China should “ask themselves how many more deaths they are prepared to tolerate.”

I really wonder if those three (former however still very much imperialistic Western colonial powers’) UN Ambassadors dare to believe they could ever have any moral rights to use the words such as “sad for the UNSC, sad for democracy and Syrians” or even the language of “real scandal.

If so, then they are no different from their American counterparts in their seemingly equally psychotically habitual forgetfulness in terms of their hypocrisy, dishonesty, and morally bankrupted conscience.

I am absolutely “sad” for their seemingly completely sellout souls.

Their habitually deceptive words and flat lies seem “the real scandal” not only for their own peoples but also for the whole humanity as well.

Many seem enthusiastically support what China and Russia did yesterday at the UNSC as historic and absolutely justifiable not only for the sake of the absolute majority of Syrian populations but also for the sake of the whole humanity.

It seems their Saturday vote, therefore, should deserve high praise and applaud for their strategically correct decision, courage and moral conscience.

The pressures and accusations from the US/West-dominant UNSC bodies and their globally-monopolized mainstream media as their official propaganda machines must have been so severe and heavy.

However, it seems those two permanent Security Council members must have acted independently and self-determinedly according to the fundamental principles of international justice and peace, particularly to the principle of “mutual non-interference in other’s internal affairs.”

Heightened Demonization of Putin and The West’s “Divide and Conquer” Strategy of Russia Continues

Now, from both inside and outside, the seemingly globally-orchestrated political accusations, pressures and demonization of Russian Prime Minister Putin as a Russia destabilization strategy of the US/West seem to have been particularly relentless.

The US/West-led demonization and “Divide and Conquer” strategy of Russian society and its diverse populations seems mounting daily as well.

So it must have been extremely difficult for Russian government not to give in to the US/West’s pressures to allow them to again indiscriminately bomb, invade and destroy another sovereign independent nation Syria.

Therefore, many in the world seem strongly believe what China and Russia did was strategically extremely important for the immediate future of the whole globe by not allowing the US/Israel/West to go ahead with another “disgusted” UNSC resolution as their political and legal cover to justify their greedy and demonic aggressions and massacres and destructions.

The Saturday resolution was drafted by Arab League and European countries. And it was (so-called) ”supported” by 13 other Security Council members this time but two, namely China and Russia who vetoed it down instead.

However, as many around the globe have already challenged and revealed particularly during and after the Libyan invasion last year, the Arab League, together with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), seems to have become another completely sellout body to the US/Israeli/Western interests both in the Middle East and North African region now.

There seem no doubts about another turn-out-be vicious propaganda machine of the US/Israel, the Al Jazeera which is owned by the Qatari Kingdom, however, which is under the US patronage.

The Language of “Their”

The word “their” in the language of Rice’s statement: “any further blood that flows will be on their hands” clearly refers both Chinese and Russian.

However, I also seriously doubt if the above-mentioned world’s majority populations would agree what Ms. Rice said on that.

It seems they’d rather believe the word “their” Rice used should mean first and foremost the US/Israeli and their still very much colonial Western allies, instead the Chinese and Russians.

They’d be very much rather supportive what Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said the UNSC Resolution did not “accurately reflect the real state of affairs” in Syria and “sent an unbalanced signal to the parties.”

For Churkin’s statement seemed to have sounded absolutely correct and objective.

It seems those US/Western statements and their seemingly baseless accusations against China and Russia, however, didn’t sound much correct and objective.

It seems that’s why their arguments wouldn’t be both historically and logically much persuasive to many around the world.

The Continued Attempts of US/West’s Regime Change Strategy Must Be Stopped Once For All

Russian concerns about the “regime change” by “influential members of the international community who have been undermining the possibility of a settlement in Syria” seem also absolutely justified, credible and real.

There seem no doubts about what US and the West are trying to do right now is a carbon copy of what they did in Libya last year.

British Ambassador to UN said on Feb. 4th at the UNSC meeting the following: “How many more deaths they [Chinese and Russians] are prepared to tolerate.”

However, if that British statement had been applied to the Israelis instead, his speech might have overwhelmingly enjoyed enthusiastic standing ovations throughout the world.

It’s been really mysterious for many years now why US and the West had not been able to apply that sort of justifiable challenges against Israeli crimes for their over 40 years of genocidal occupation and policy against Palestinian lands and mostly unarmed civilian populations.

That British statement shouldn’t be thrown at the wrong ones.

It should be correctly redirected to the right ones as the world knows well who they are.

Many seem readily agree with the following conclusion: The last Saturday vote by China and Russia was another historic and an ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIABLE act against another “DISGUSTED” US/West-led UN Security Council Resolution which was exactly designed to destroy another independent sovereign nation Syria, as they did last year against Libya!


Dr. Kiyul Chung, Editor in Chief at The 4th Media, is a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

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