How many lovers will be broken by the house price in Beijing?

My boyfriend and I fall in love for two years, but the house problem keeping us away from being together.

How long the prices of house in Beijing will so disgusting?


Zhang19910225: No ways can figure out, it won’t be decreased, that the fact.

The leader said the price of the real estate should be rationalized, it means to stabilize the development.

The estate speculators from Wenzhou in Zhejiang province should be blamed, they massed up the Beijing real estate market, earned large amount of money and leave all the mass for the poor people. The price will not decline for a few years.

宝气何其多:It will cost a lot to be capital citizens. Just a few thousands a square, you really think Beijing is Kashmir?

有眼不识泰山:The house is the only criterion to test love.

Rjg790629: True love won’t be separated by this kind of issues.

波颇魔符的特呢了:If you want a house I can draw one for you.

沉默vs银:You should blame yourself with no capacity.

当滴曹根:You can solve this problem as soon as leave from Beijing.

Souces: Tianya

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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