Chinese Red Cross calls for donation publicity system to reshape the social image

Recently, the Red Cross Society of China issued a notice, “Implementing the commitment of two openness and two transparencies”, to local Red Cross and Industrial Red Cross.

The two openness and two transparencies are that donations open, transparent financial management, openly seek procurement tenders and transparent distribution and use.

For donations, the notice required that establish and improve the publicity, track and feedback system of donated funds’ acceptance, management, usage and distribution, voluntarily accepting the supervision from related government departments, the media and the public. Next day, the donor can achieve the donated fund and materials information in the official website of Red Cross of China. During the emergency phase of special serious disasters, the income and use of donations will be issued to the society at any time. A regular funded project implementation report and financial report will be edited, taking the initiative to invite audit and rating agencies to audit and evaluate the implementation of the donations and projects. Then the results will be made public.


Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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