Guangdong: International Olympic Mathematics, Pinyin and Writing are forbidden in kindergarten

Recently, Guangdong Provincial Department of Education issued a notice, “Regulating Pre-school education behavior to correct the primary school tendency”, clear required that International Olympic Mathematics, Mental Calculation, and even Writing, Pinyin, Chinese characters are not allowed to teach in nursery.

In recent years, various children’s interest classes, such as Olympic Mathematics, Mental Calculation, Piano, and Dancing and so on, are popular around the kindergarten. Many early childhood education institutions offer bridging courses for primary school.

The notice confirm, kindergarten should regard the game as the basic form of teaching activities, flexibly using of collective, group, individual and other forms, to integrate the education into the games and life. Primary school curricula and teaching materials shall not be borrowed. Olympic Mathematics, Mental Calculation, Spelling and Chinese Characters and other contents shouldn’t be allowed for teaching and homework. Any form of test and examination are prohibited to pre-school children. The kindergarten should ensure that children have more than two hours of outdoor activities per day, including one hour or more sports activities.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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