Hamas, the Architecture of Treason on Syria, Iran and Palestine.

On Sunday 5 February 2012 the final representative of Hamas, Imad al-Amadi left Syria and returned to Gaza, from where he was exiled by Israel in 1991. The decision was according to Hamas based on “the Syrian governments crackdowns on protesters“. (1)

What Hamas did not tell the cheering crowd that greeted al-Amadi welcome home to Gaza, when he entered Gaza via Egypt, was that the Syrian government is cracking down on an armed insurgency of Muslim Brothers, which it has helped establish with Hamas old and new allies Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and NATO, effectively betraying Syria, Iran and Hezbollah that have secured its very existence over the last decades.

Old allies, because, as Lebanese political analyst Fidaa Itani  expresses it, Hamas has it´s roots in the Muslim Brotherhood, and was established by well connected Muslim Brothers Families. (2)

From this perspective it is not entirely surprising that Hamas is aligning itself with the Muslim Brothers from Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who together with NATO´s Al Qaeda make up the bulge of the military onslaught against the government and people of Syria. One could of course use euphemisms for NATO´s mercenary armies, such as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Tripoli Military Counsel, Free Syrian Army.

Cutting to the bone they are aspects of the same NATO/Zionist attack that has devastated Libya and is turned loose against Syria and Iran. Not surprisingly, the Hamas Polit-Bureau must have been under intense pressure from Muslim Brothers to join the “Arab Spring“, and doing so it has found it´s new allies in NATO and Israel.

The fact that the “Arab Spring” including the role which Hamas was supposed to be playing in it has long been planned and managed from the top is demonstrated by information nsnbc received on 25 January 2012, from a well connected Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey.

The murder of nine Turkish citizens on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara was facilitated with the aid of a pro Arab Spring fraction of Hamas. The victims were Turkish members of the brotherhood and related organizations. Brothers who received a Judas Kiss by their fellow brothers because they stood in the way for the brotherhoods participation in an armed insurgency against Syria. (3)

Not surprisingly, one of the top NATO mercenary intelligence operatives and his second in command have been on board the Mavi Marmera, facilitating the execution by IDF Special Forces, and the operation falls neatly into NATO Intelligence´s chain of terrorism and murder under false flag. (4)

Naturally, not all members of Hamas at all levels agree with the U-Turn of it´s Polit-Bureau. The development begs the question whether some of the 2010, 2011 and 2012 arrests of Hamas leaders by Israel could indicate that Israel is assisting Hamas in solving the worst internal problems, as it helped settle the internal conflict of the Turkish Muslim Brothers by assassinating nine members opposed to the war on Syria.

Fatah has co-operated with both Israel and the USA in the detention of members of PFLP´s leadership for years, so it would not exactly be a Palestinian novelty if Hamas used Israel to solve internal problems.

Hamas has chosen, and with it´s choice it has put it´s money on the horse of treason. Treason on a Hezbollah, which has for years been a guarantor of Hamas political and military survival. A Hezbollah which is under increased pressure since the Lebanese branch of the Muslim brotherhood, al-Jamaa al-Islamiya seems to be joining the Qatari, Saudi, NATO-Zionist “Arab Spring Bandwagon”. (5)

The Hamas treason against Hezbollah and the realignment of the Lebanese Muslim Brothers could in the light of the regional situation be the precursor of a new Lebanese civil war. A civil war which would be very much in the interest of NATO and Israel, facilitated by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and their allies in Lebanon.

The second case of treason by Hamas is that against Syria, and implicitly it is a third case of treason, namely against the People of Palestine. Syria has for decades been the sole Arab Nation that consequently has supported the Palestinian cause. Iran may have played a role in Syria´s decision to support Hamas.

The decision was most likely based on preventing the very scenario that is being acted out now. The alignment of Hamas with a Qatar and Saudi Arabia who act as regional agency of the old and modo-colonial powers and thus as agency of Israel. For Syria, it would have be a much less complicated and a more advantageous decision to boost it´s support of as-Saika, the PFLP, DFLP, and to maintain a stronger Arab Supported Palestinian Military in the form of the PFLP-GC.

It is with full intention that the article does not take Sunni-Shia differences into account. What is much more pertinent than artificially created sectarian divides is the question if the political leadership of Hamas believes that the promises of a “Palestinian Spring” which it according to nsnbc´s Palestinian Intelligence Source has been promised after the eventual ousting of the Syrian government will be of any value for Palestine and Palestinians.

It ought to be obvious for members of Hamas Polit-Bureau, and it should be obvious for all Palestinians who may be confronted with the prospect of a NATO/Zionist manufactured Palestinian Spring,  that the eventual fall of the Syrian government will be the precursor of the fall of Jordan, and the precursor of what the current US Administration vaguely describes as a Palestinian Solution within the context of a comprehensive solution for the Middle East.

Not that Jordan has done anything for the People of Palestine for decades. The true danger lies in the possibility of letting greater civil liberties for Palestinian refugees and citizens of the not yet occupied enclaves in the West Bank become a bargaining chip in a land for peace deal between a future Hamas co-opted Palestine and it´s neighbors.

A Muslim Brotherhood controlled Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the right of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan to work and integrate into society, the guarantied safety of all Palestinians in the West Bank who stay within their heavily guarded enclaves like Qalqila, the right of Palestinians from West bank enclaves to travel to Jordan and Syria, and the continuation of the genocide on the people of Palestine – now administrated by Hamas rather than Fatah.

The only positive aspect of Hamas last representative leaving Syria might be that the architecture of treason has become a little bit more obvious for Syria, Iran, and maybe the people of Palestine.


Dr. Christof Lehmann


Words about the Muslim Brotherhood by Gamal Abd El-Nasr : <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/TX4RK8bj2W0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> 

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