GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012

A true axis of evil is geographically spanning from the Pentagon, via Europe, Turkey, Palestine and Hamas, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, all the way to Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In temporal terms it is an axis that has it´s roots in the murderous NATO “Stay Behind” Armies of the Cold War, responsible for the murder of civilians and school children in Belgium, the Bologna bombing in Italy that killed countless civilians; the most serious war crimes against Serbs in NATO´s covert operations on the Balkan; the self inflicted wound of 9/11 and the subsequent war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq; the murder of US Soldiers as well as the creation of sectarian violence in Iraq; the Mavi Marmara act of piracy by Israel, which must be considered as being contemporary histories most intricate “false flag” operation; the still ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Libya by agency of Abdelhakim Belhadj who was a passenger on the Mavi Marmara; and the ongoing covert war on Syria, with a NATO and Belhadj Led “Free Syrian Army“.

With Iran and NATO in postures of aggression, with Syria under attack, Libya the most strategically sound military staging area for a NATO assault on Iran, Syria and Lebanon,(1) with a Hezbollah that depends on both an Islamic Republic, Iran, and an Arab Socialist Syria, and a glue that ties the wo countries into a wedding alliance being geostrategy and Russian influence, with a Hamas that is under strong suspicion for trying to help implement Obama´s comprehensive solution of the Middle East and Palestine; with the intelligence services and military of Russia and China nervous, fearing the worst from a US Administration that pushes an image of a madman with a bomb to blackmail the world into submission, while a true “madman with a bomb” Israel, is trying to push the US into a war nobody can win, global security has been turned into a powder keg so dry, that any additional friction anywhere could ignite it.

In a world where governments and corporations, big oil and the military industrial complex have entered into the unholy alliance which correctly would be called Fascism, the globalist players seem to be in a position where they can not loose. However the crisis develops, it boosts their profits – and their goal to implement a new world order. The ultimate looser are all decent people, who either are too misinformed, intimidated or placid to act before it is too late.

Would Your Government Murder “Your Child” ? Your Comfort Zone.

If you are a citizen of the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, or any other E.U. member state and you are confronted with this question, it is absolutely normal to react aggressively and in disbelief against anyone who would make claims that Your government would cynically murder your child while it is in kindergarten or school, and with the purpose to elicit a specific response from the population. A specific, cynically provoked response that is serving a specific political agenda. The normal response would be to flat out reject it as malicious and outrageous.

There are numerous reasons for responding aggressively and in disbelief. One reason may be that this disbelief may be  a function of your projection of your own good  moral and ethical values on your government, and of you simply being appalled over the fact that anyone would make such outrageous claims about those political candidates you voted for and elected as a people.(2) Cognitive dissonance, and the unpleasant sensation when you are confronted with the possibility that your world may not be  as you belief it to be is is another reason for why you would find such claims disturbing. (3) Your very human nature that makes you likely to belief that you are just a little bit more clever, and a little bit more difficult to cheat than most others is one more reason.(4) Being well conditioned into not believing “those outrageous conspiracy theories” while rather listening to and believing the talking heads on your most favorite news program, with whom you grew up, and who have been a friend of you and your family, within the comfort and sanctity of your own home via your television or radio is yet another reason.

You know that they don´t always tell the truth. You know that they spin the news to suit a particular agenda. After all, you are smart and not that easy to cheat, and besides, after countless soap operas like Spin City (5) you are most likely conditioned into perceiving Spin Doctors as Sexy, and it sounds much more attractive than Propaganda Expert, which has a touch of Nazi-Propaganda to it, right?

After all, You are just a little bit more clever and more difficult to cheat than most other people. But, if such an outrageous thing, your own government, and NATO secret services ordering a secret “stay behind army” to murder Your Child while in kindergarten or in school, You are sure that those journalists would tell you and the world about it, and that it would be the scandal of the century. Right ?

If you think so, think about why it is that you think so, and then “think again” because it is precisely what has already happened and You probably heard very little, if anything about it, and what little you may have heard, you have heard not before 1992. Why so ? Because in 1992, after the end of the “cold war” the secret armies of NATO in Europe and the Wider Middle East were restructured and it was now safe to lead you into believing that such atrocities were a thing of the past. History! Be shocked for a minute and then forget about it.

Did you ever hear the word fraudulent popular catharsis ? You have had one in 1992.

NATO´s Stay Behinds and the Murder of European Civilians and Politicians.

With the end ow World War II rapidly approaching, and both the USA and the UK beginning to develop long term strategies to stop the spread of Socialism and the influence of the USSR and China in Europe and world wide, US and UK Intelligence services began to build a network of ardent German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Italian, and other European Nations National Socialists and Fascists. Those secret operatives would develop into NATO´s “Stay Behinds”. A secret, well financed, well armed, discrete and politically well connected covert army, which would be the first line of resistance in case of an occupation of any Western European Country including Turkey by the USSR.

This network was operating under different names in different countries, such as “Gladio” in Italy, but all were from the beginning on under strict US and UK control and command. (6) While these stay behinds remained relatively dormant in some countries, such as Denmark, the units in countries such as Belgium, Italy, Turkey and other countries were active in NATO Intelligence operations in the fight against those perceived as”internal enemies“. Those active “Stay Behind Units” were committing false flag terror attacks that would be blamed on a “radical communist left” in Europe, including Turkey. NATO´s stay behinds were among other involved in the 1980 bombing of the Octoberfest in Munich, and the infamous bombing of the Bologna Railway Station. Countless civilians were murdered by these NATO Controlled Underground Armies.(ibid)

A BBC Documentary from 1992 that is featuring interviews with former NATO Intelligence Operatives as well as members of the secretive stay behind networks is documenting the cynical murder of civilians and school children in Belgium by NATO´s stay behinds, and countless other murderous atrocities. (7) The full documentary is embedded below the online edition of this article. As mentioned above, the documentary was first aired after the end of the cold war, implicitly insinuating that times were changing for the better, now the cold war was over. It was time for you to have your fraudulent popular catharsis induced on you. It would be naive to expect any BBC documentary not to fulfill a function of social control. Before we make the leap to the next covert NATO war, Yugoslavia, let us have a look at an example of internal political control by NATO false flag terrorism.

The US American Historian, Webster Griffin Tarpley, Ph. D., investigated the kidnapping and assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro for the Italian Government. Tarpley and the Italian government came to the conclusion that the kidnappers of Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who purportedly were members of the Italian “Brigade Rosse” in fact were members of the Italian NATO Stay Behind network called Gladio, and acting on orders of NATO Intelligence. The kidnapping and assassination of Moro was planned and executed by NATO Intelligence and Gladio with the purpose to raise sufficient anti-socialist and anti-communist sentiment in the Italian population and among Italian parliamentarians, to stop the creation of an Italian Coalition Government that included the Italian Communist Party. Webster G. Tarpley´s book, now out of print, is a classic and reflected in many of his other writings. (8)

Bin Laden – CIA From Afghanistan to Yugoslavia and Back Again.

During the cold war, the Pentagon and NATO planners needed allies in a war against the former USSR in Central Asia. The Strategic goals were the encirclement of the USSR and China in Central Asia, forcing the USSR into a war in Afghanistan that would deplete it´s military and economic resources, and threaten it´s supply of energy. The main strategist behind this covert war on the USSR and China was no other than contemporary US President Obama´s security adviser Zbigniev Brzezinski, who boasts of having “created” the war in Afghanistan and who has the declared goal to lead the USA and NATO into a global confrontation with Russia and China. This goals and related strategies are arrogantly and explicitly explained in his books The Grand Chessboard, (9) and The Geopolitical Triad. (10) Brzezinski boasts that he created Islamic Fundamentalism, i.e. the Taliban and Al Qaeda with Osama Bin Laden during the Carter Administration in 1979. (11) Al Qaeda was then, and is up until this day one of NATO´s secret mercenary armies; the next generation after Gladio so to speak. Like the stay behind network, it is dependent on utility if it is used as either friend or foe, and it is used under a cohort of euphemisms or scapegoating brand names such as Al Qaeda, Bosnian Freedom Fighters, Kosovo Liberation Army, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Tripoli Military Councel, and Free Syrian Army.

Before anyone, even inside Yugoslavia, had heard much about the eruption of ethnic violence to such a degree that it could have been called a “civil war” that could split the nation of Yugoslavia into small, easily controllable statelets, the former German Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher and the BND were already begun to arrange arms shipments to former Croatian National Socialists. Both the newly re-united Germany and the USA, by means of respectively the BND and CIA, were heavily involved in the financing and arming of terrorist networks in former Yugoslavia, including the Checka, the UCK, and not to forget, the CIA Created, Osama Bin Laden led Al Qaeda, whose holy warriors were welcomed as heroes by the first Bosnian President, Izebekovitch, and the Kosovo Crime Cartel that was re-branded as Kosovo Liberation Army. The humanitarian contribution to bringing human rights and democracy to the people of Yugoslavia by means of NATO´s secret armies were such noble acts as the countless beheadings, systematic rapes, massacres and other war crimes. Many of them would later, conveniently to be blamed on Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslavian and Serbian Military High Command, and the entire People of Serbia. (12) (Video embedded below online edition of this article ) (13)  With some diligence it is possible to inform yourself about the fact that your government has no scruples murdering innocent civilians, and your child in cold blood. The people in the image above were somebody´s child too, and could have been your´s.

It is so unpleasant and disturbing to confront oneself with this fact, that the most likely response would be to say “Yes but that was after WW II and during the cold war. Angela Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, Erdogan, Rasmussen, and others would never allow such things.”

And you also know precisely why you are likely to think so. The closer the murders of your own government begin to hit to your home, the more unpleasant is it to be confronted with the fact. It is this very response, known to every governments security experts, that leads people into letting themselves become victims. Cognitive dissonance, anyone ?

Now let us have a brief look at the unpleasant notion that contemporary US and European political leaders could have anything to do with murdering your child. Below are a few examples, and many more could be provided. If this article does nothing else but inspiring the reader to use due diligence at investigating the background of any person he or she would be voting for at the next election and to voice his or her concerns when discovering murderous treason, we would already be making the world a much safer place for your child.

Late 2011, Turkish Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan  gained the sympathy of many Palestinians and progressive people worldwide who are in support of peace and justice for the People of Palestine, by severing all diplomatic, military and trade ties with Israel, after Israeli troops committed an act of piracy and murdered nine Turkish citizens on a Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel that was registered in Turkey. We will get back to the events on the Mavi Mamara in greater detail a little later on. For now we just ask the question if this gentleman, who just seemed to have shown courage and integrity in politics and diplomacy would ever cooperate with any of these murderous secret NATO armies, such as the Taliban or Al Qaeda ? The straight forward answer is yes, and we do have an article and a video to prove his long standing relations with both. The video was published in the article Syria, the Cradle of Civilization, and Potentially the Beginning of Civilizations End, on nsnbc, late 2011. (14)

Would a Danish Prime Minister, and a Chairman of a Danish party represented in parliament really have long standing ties to the Taliban ? Would Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who until late 2011 was the Prime Minister of Denmark be known for having been photographed in Afghanistan, together with his Taliban buddies, boasting an AK-47 assault rifle ? Yes in deed. He is also known by Russian Intelligence Services for having taken part in annual demonstrations in front of the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen. Rasmussen took part in these annual “Afghan Freedom Fighter Fundraisers” together with his buddy Pia Kjærsgaard, who is now the Chairman of the populist and xenophobic Danish People´s Party. And both are known for having organized substantial financial aid for this “terrorist organization” which NATO is currently fighting in Afghanistan, as a pretext for NATO presence in the region and the encircle Russia and China. (15)

But what about US-President Barak Hussein Obama ? Besides the very fact that he has Zbigniev Brzezinski, who admittedly created the Taliban and Al Qaeda during the Carter Administration (ibid.), let us have a look at his bosom body, former Weather Underground  terrorist Bill Ayers.(16) (17) For sure, the now college professor who planted bombs at police stations, and advocated such illustrious political principles as ” kill your parents; kill all the rich people,  bring the revolution home” and other pseudo-revolutionary slogans which can only be invented by an imbecilic, or by an intelligence agent who is fulfilling the function to discredit any true revolutionary or social movement within the USA is a perfect bosom body for a man with the launch codes of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles ?  Ayers did not spend real prison time for his crimes. Does that tell you something when thinking about a nation that seems to be obsessed with incarcerating people? And would you believe that Barak Hussein Obama would hesitate to have your child murdered by one of NATO´s covert armies in cold blood ?

And back again. 

Belhadj – The Enemy Image 

Do you really belong to the minority of people who still believe that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were committed by 19 hijackers, armed with box-cutters, under the command of the “terrorist” Osama Bin Laden, operating from a cave in Afghanistan, defeating the worlds most sophisticated defense systems ? Sorry, but I am just asking, because there are really some people who even after ten years have not done their homework as a citizen. I do however hope, that the evidence provided so far has demonstrated for you that both Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are creatures of the CIA and NATO ? If so, I am convinced that you will manage the 9/11 research on your own if you haven´t done so already. What is important is, that parts of the US Administration, together with elements of the deep state, NATO and other countries intelligence services murdered 3.000 people in New York and Washington, with the intention to create a pretext for a new invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. And this time, Al Qaeda and the Taliban were to play the role of enemy. 

Belhadj, our friend and savior image 

An enemy that was no longer under the leadership of an ailing Osama Bin Laden who had to dye twice before NATO propaganda experts would finally let him rest in peace. The enemy came increasingly under the leadership of a man of many names. A man that had been grromed into position for decades.  One of the names he uses, besides Hasadi, Hasidi and a cohort of other, is Abdelhakim Belhadj. The  Belhadj, who had fought US troops in Afghanistan, murdered Serbs in Yugoslavia, organized the murder of US troops in Iraq to create a pretext for the continued occupation of the country by the USA and other jobs. A man who without doubt is one of NATO Intelligence highest ranking mercenary officers. A man who is now in command of NATO´s new friends in Libya and Syria as the commander of the Tripoli Military Counsel (18) and the NATO liaison to the Free Syrian Army.(19) Abdelhakim Belhadj, who according to historian Webster Griffin Tarpley and former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar also has been involved in the Madrid Train Bombings that killed scores of innocent Spanish civilians and facilitated Spain´s continued participation in the “war on terror“. (ibid.)

Do you still believe that your government won´t hesitate to murder your child ? One has to give it to the people at the Pentagon and NATO Headquarters in Belgium though; they are somewhat creative at inventing new and easily salable names for the operations that murder us.

Mavi Marmara and the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The most deceptive false flag in contemporary history.

Many would say strangely enough, but I would suggest to say not surprisingly; the top NATO Intelligence Operative Abdelhakim Belhadj has also been on board of the Turkish registered Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara (20) Which finally brings us to Hamas and the pertinent question, what US-President Barak Hussein Obama at the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly, within the context of a Palestinian bid for statehood, indicated as the solution of the Palestinian Problem within the context of a comprehensive solution for the Middle East. (21)

It will once again show that NATO Intelligence will stop at nothing, including the abuse of popular solidarity movements for both political gains, charades, and grand standing, as well as the assassination of assets that have become a liability in a war on Syria and a Zionist “Endlösung” for Palestine with the friendly aid of Hamas. All of it, neatly packaged in one and the same operation.

First of all, to avoid any misunderstandings; let me assure the reader of the authors unwavering sympathy for the courageous citizens who volunteered as activists and passengers on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel, the Mavi Marmara After the terrible events on board of the vessel, which were traumatizing for many, it must be even more traumatizing to learn that their courage and integrity has been cynically abused by the Turkish and Israeli intelligence services, NATO, and parts of the governments of Israel and Turkey. The Mavi Marmara was a Turkish registered vessel, bound from Turkey to Gaza, to deliver vital medical and other supplies to the people of Gaza. Not that one vessel or even a small convoy could  remedy the consequences of Israels illegal siege on Gaza. A siege which can not be described as anything but a war crime and an act of genocide. The true function of the Gaza Flotilla actions lies in bringing the siege and tragedy to the attention of a world that has not cared much about Palestine and it´s People for over sixty years. The report on the events on the Mavi Marmara is chocking. (22) It describes Israels act of piracy in international waters, the storming and commandeering of the vessel by special operations troops, and cold blooded homicide on nine passengers, all of them of Turkish nationality.

What many analysts have been asking themselves long before the Mavi Marmara left port was how and why the Turkish government seemed to significantly change it´s public policy towards Israel by materially and politically supporting the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The operand word that was the giveaway was “public”.

Turkey and Israel may at times be adversaries in international and Middle East affairs, but  non of these diplomatic differences could cover over the fact that Turkey is Israels closest ally in the Middle East. The alliance is in fact so sensitive, that the former FBI Language Specialist Sibel Edmonds had more gag orders put on her than any other citizen of the USA before her. The reason ? Sibel Edmonds uncovered not only facts that strongly indicated that the truth about 9/11 was covered up. Edmonds also discovered Turkish Israeli ties with respect to nuclear proliferation, arms trade, drugs trade and espionage. In fact, an attempt was made to recruit Edmonds into a Turkish Israeli Spy network that is operating in the USA and Globally, AIPAC (23) and The Turkish American Society (24) being the intelligence hubs inside the USA. In fact, Edmonds discovered that this arms, drugs, and nuclear technology dealing spy network was not only operating inside the USA, but that she was gagged, fired, and subsequently kept silent about it when she reported the fact to her superiors at the FBI. Then US Attorney General Ashcroft gagged Edmonds by slamming National Security Privileges on her, so she could not even the fact that she discovered the spy network, or why she was sacked at the FBI in court. Sibel Edmond´s experience is very well documented in ” Kill The Messenger“. (25) The film provides a brilliant background for understanding why it would have been a tectonic shift if Turkey and the Erdogan Government truly has changed their policy towards Israel in 2011.

Subsequent to the Israeli act of piracy the government of R. Tayyip Erdogan severed all diplomatic, military and trade ties with Israel. (26) Erdogan´s speech was a brilliant act of political grand standing, affording him the sympathies of countless honest citizens who are concerned about the Zionist genocide on the People of Palestine. Even though R. Tayyip Erdogan´s grandstanding impressed, and in deed fooled many, Christof Lehmann asked in the abstract of his article “Turkey servers all Diplomatic, Military, and Economic Ties to Israel on Gaza Flotilla Killings”, from 6 September 2011, if Erdogan and the Turkish Government are “rallying public support, to be used in a campaign against secular Syria”. (ibid.) That Erdogan´s speech and the diplomatic response was nothing but a deception is also strongly supported by the fact that relations with Israel were normalized only weeks after Erdogan´s grand standing charade of solidarity with the People of Palestine. 

On 25 January 2012 nsnbc received information from a reliable Palestinian Intelligence Source, known to nsnbc. The Palestinian who is resident in Turkey, confirmed that an article, stating that Abdelhakim Belhadj had been on board the Mavi Marmara (27) was in deed correct. He also drew attention to the question how it could be that all of the persons that were murdered by Israeli troops on the Mavi Marmara were Turkish citizens. There were many people from many nationalities on board, the situation on board was chaotic. How, and particularly why would Israel target nine Turkish citizens ? Because the IDF troops had been well informed about the situation on board, and because nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, who were opposed to the Muslim Brotherhoods involvement into the armed insurgency into Syria were ensnared into participating in a non-violent activity against Israel. The agent who co-ordinated the NATO / Mossad Operation was Abdelhakim Belhadj, who is now in charge of NATO´s training of the so called “Free Syrian Army“. Further more, the Palestinian Intelligence Source stated, that “certain high ranking members of Hamas had been involved in planning the operation”, and that Hamas or at least a strong fraction of Hamas had entered into agreements with Turkey and NATO, to establish a “Palestinian Spring” as soon as the campaign against the government of Syria had succeeded, and that “next week´s meeting of Hamas in Amman is part of this plot”.

“Endlösung” – The Final Solution for Palestine ?

The words of US President Barak Hussein Obama, with respect to the Palestinian bet for statehood at the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (ibid.) are in deed ominous words. A Solution of the Palestinian problem is only possible within the context of a comprehensive solution for the Middle East, and it seems that Hamas is willingly and knowingly taking part in bringing this “comprehensive solution for the Middle east” about.

On Sunday, 30 January 2012 the Chairman of Hamas Polit-Bureau Khaled Mashal met with His Excellency King Abdullah II of Jordan, and His Excellency the Crown Prince of Qatar, Sheik Tamim, at the Royal Palace in Amman. (28) Present were also high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  With Gulf States, and most significantly Qatar continuing to conspire against Syria, meeting in Turkey (29), with a war on Syria being systematically manufactured (30) Hamas has become a NATO / Zionist tool, that is lending itself willingly to be abused for bringing about NATO´s, Israel´s and Obama´s “Endlösung” of the Palestinian Problem. The saddest of it all is, that it will not be a Palestinian Solution. It will not even be a Palestinian Solution within the context of a comprehensive solution for the Middle East. It will be a final solution of the “Palestinian Problem” within the context of a long planned war on Syria and Iran, and a new colonization of the Middle east by NATO and Israel.

If at the next elections, any Palestinian wishes to vote for  A Great Israel, and a Jewish State in which a few heavily guarded Palestinian enclaves are mercifully permitted, I suggest one should vote for Hamas, that seems to have become the latest of NATO´s secret armies. If one on the other hand believes that maintaining the status quo in which a Palestinian Authority fulfills the function of administrator of a Zionist genocide on Palestinians is possible in the light of the geopolitical developments, vote for Fatah.

If one wishes to have a chance acting against the planned final solution I suggest that As Saika, PFLP, DFLP would be at the center of a possible resistance as long as Syria survives. Palestinians should understand that a fall of Syria guaranties the plans that are hedged by Obama, Brzezinski, Netanyahu, Mashal and Belhadj and in such case Sabra and Shatila becomes a minor episode compared to what will be in waiting for all People of Palestine. 

A couple of final questions ?

Are you still getting angry when being told that your government would murder your loved ones, your child, or yourself in cold blood ? Are you still handicapped by the bias that makes you believe that all others are much more likely to become victims than Your loved ones, Your child, or You Yourself ? Or do you believe that playing ignorant, to stay silent and keeping your thoughts to yourself will protect you against that “knock on the door” when Your number has come up ? Or have you been so detached from what everybody was aware of during the cold war; that duck and cover won´t exactly save you when the madness that is turned loose on the people of Northern Africa and the Wider Middle East brings the powder keg to ignition ? Do You believe that Your government will care about you ? If not, the pertinent question that needs to be answered by you is “ What am I going to do about it before it is too late ? “


Dr. Christof Lehmann




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