Big brands gather at 2011 China Int’l Consumer Electronics Show

World famous enterprises, including Microsoft, AOC, Inspur and Da Nippon Printing Corporation, along with other 523 global consumer electronic companies and hundreds of industry experts gathered in Qingdao for the 2011 China International Consumer Electronics Show, which opened on July 7.

The show displays the latest technologies, products and ideas such as cloud computing, network integration, green and low-carbon concept, mobile network and multi-display interaction. The exhibition also explores the new industrial structure and business patterns of the consumer electronics industry.

About 100,000 visitors are expected to attend in the four-day event until July 10.

Jiang Yaoping, vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China said that China’s electronic information industry has made great progress during 30 years of reform and opening up. China has become the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturing base and the second largest consumer electronics market. The Chinese government will provide more policy supports and platforms for the growth of the consumer electronics industry.

“China is playing an important role in the world consumer electronics market. There are more than 400 consumer electronic products displayed at this year’s show, a great leap from last year’s number,” said Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Twenty-one summit forums will be held during the 4-day event. These summits will focus on cloud computing, the most popular theory in the electronic industry, and subjects of the speeches will cover the latest industrial hot topics such as digital city, green manufacturing and smart appliances.

Source: China Daily

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