Will the US try to Pull “Maidan” Scenario in Russia?

On 21st of September, the so-called “opposition”  in Moscow and St. Petersburg is planning demonstrations that should gather 50-thousand people in the streets against (here I laughed) cessation of Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Russian suppression of Ukrainian independence.

Do you think that Putin has so many enemies in Moscow and St. Petersburg that out of despair and powerlessness people have to go out on the streets?

“Actually, we want to change the government, we do not want Putin. We are tired of his politics. We wait until we receive a new political movement and the resources that Russia has will not be in the hands of only a narrow number of the so-called “managers of Russia” and will be more parcelled out in the community. Here in Moscow actually are people who do not want Putin in power. But we do not go out on the streets rather talk among themselves. We do not have any tools, any party, no movement of which we would really identify with “.

These are the words of my friend, a forty-year-old resident of Moscow, who considers herself to be Putin dissident. The demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg are organized by the so-called autonomous group People’s Will (Narodnaya Volya).

In the era of Russia’s encirclement by NATO, the upcomig regular weapons shipments for Ukraine money, it is not a surprise that Putin is taking preocupations against  the so-called “pro-democratic” NGOs in Russia. It was after all NGOs in Kiev that led the coup.

“It expresses the need to understand the common struggle of all the oppressed people for their liberation from the oppression of the state, imperialist policy, regardless of who it comes from” “Freedom to nations, death to empires.” – those are the ideas that Russian Nationalists preached during a demonstration in March.

Quite a different opinion on this subject has Mateusz Piskorski, a frequent visitor to Moscow and Ukraine. Founder of the European Centre for Geopolitical, in an interview which I conducted with him said about an organized demonstration on 21st of September:

“It’s hard for me to imagine that someone has collected so many people with so much support for Putin in Russia reaching 80%. It made me curious: even existing opponents of Putin in case of the Crimea and the Ukraine fully support Putin. I think we sooner would gather 50,000 people under the banner of harder proceedings for Ukrainian crisis. Many Russian environments believes that Putin should have long ago defended civilians against Kiev attacks and long ago entered the army there. “ “At this stage, having that kind of support, Putin does not need to use any repressions because the opposition is a trace and artificial, i.e. Orchestrating in one way or another, financed, (today already illegally funded) by those who financed Euromaidan in Kiev. We even have a personal coincidence. The new United States Ambassador Jeffrey Teft, preparing earlier Euromaidan, (he was ambassador in Kiev earlier, worked with these NGOs – and indeed located in the pay of the Department of State in Ukraine), today he continues the same action in Moscow. He does not take into account that Russia is a country and Ukraine was not – or it will not be so easy, for sure. It would be necessary to pump there a lot more money than the $ 5 billion of which Americans told in the context of Ukraine “.

Mr. Matthew is right that now the Americans are trying to do ‘more’. Russia is a country larger than Ukraine. So measures to be taken also need to be bigger. If you still do not know where you can take a ‘pro-democracy dollars’ this can help you:

The American Congress brought a bill, prepared by 26 Republicans, among which is jammed Russophobe, John McCain. Document number 2277 is placed on the official website of the Congress of the United States and is called “Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014″, which can be translated as “the act of preventing aggression by Russia in 2014.” In addition to all kinds of sanctions, to increase military presence and conduct military exercises around the borders of Russia, as well as increased activity in the field of educational exchange programs and cultural events held in the territory of the former Soviet Union, it shall provide annual commitments of $ 10 billion in the period 2015-2017, for “the development of democracy in Russia “. We can read it on Infowars.

However, Putin is not stupid that’s why he is dealing with NGO in American fashion. Now all NGOs in Russia are trampled as agents of influence and must formally demonstrate their funding.

In a statement published on March 26, Catherine Ashton – the same Margaret Ashton, whose conversation with the Estonian foreign minister leaked to the Internet telling us about the fact that behind the snipers firing at civilians stood the leaders of maydan. She stated that inspections and searches (NGOs) are carried out on vague grounds of legal concern, because they seem to be aimed at further undermining civil society activities in Russia.

The same open society which we saw in Kiev during the ‘spontaneous’ protests. George Soros, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar Network Omidyar and his foundation, as well as the National Endowment for Democracy, which is largely funded by the US Congress is one of the ‘pro-democracy movements in Ukraine that funded the ‘democracy’ .

We may have the impression that Russia is in fact a totalitarian state like North Korea where there are almost no civil liberties. But let’s not be naive. There’s a reason why such institutions are officially called the agents of foreign influence in Russia. Just look at the coup d’état in Ukraine organized by them to know why.

Russia in its modern history has scored a single limited intervention in Georgia. USA attacks one country after another based on false evidence and their ‘democratic intervention’ we can probably count in tens.

As explicitly said Brzezinski, the trophy for the United States is Eurasia – that is why Putin cannot be summer for ‘pro-democracy’ movements in Moscow, unless he wants to share the fate of Qaddafi.

The United States and its vassals from EU do not like it. They do not like strong, independent Russia that can speak for itself. So that is way they want to install a more ‘pro-democracy’ government in Moscow.

Mateusz Piskorski summed it in the aforementioned interview which he gave me;

“As long as Europe does not have its own leaders, Putin’s popularity will grow. Hope was in the Germans and Merkel. But it proved that the influence of the United States is stronger than the German business and German citizens. Currently, tests are conducted that say that a large part of European societies would see Vladimir Putin as their own leader or prime minister. Putin, in contrast to other ‘pro-democracy’ puppets knows how to clearly articulate its national interest. On this political background to what we look right now, he looks like a real leader. “

Mr. Konrad Stachnio who is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”


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