Wen Jiabao: the future of China’s new energy vehicle development is not clear

The latest issue of “Seeking Truth” Magazine published an excerpt from Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s report on Eighth National Congress of China’s Association of Science. In his speech, Wen said the direction and ultimate goal of new energy vehicles is not that clear. Will the hybrid and electric cars be the final product? Or there will be other much more better products? China’s new energy industry did not have a clear answer.

Wen said China’s hybrid vehicles is now made ​​some progress, but technically, China still have a lot to learn from developed countries. Electric car industry has just started in China, on the whole, China’s green car industry still relies on foreign technology, major equipment and materials are imported from abroad. In the Next step of development, China should focus on solving the main problems of new energy vehicles development, including the technical route, the key issue of core technology, investment issues and policy support issues, all these issues should be settled and cleared as soon as possible.


Translated and edited by Peng Bo, he is now an editor and author of m4.cn, write to him at pb.bloomberg@gmail.com

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