Coca-Cola has trouble in China

The ZERO produced by Shanghai’s Coca-Cola Company was found a preservative “parabens” in Taiwan. However, food safety experts and Coca-Cola Company have said the preservative is a legal food additive in mainland of China, so it is safe.

It is reported that Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan tested out the “parabens”, a preservative, in the test of PM main ingredients of beverage in Coca-Cola ZERO from Shanghai, 2.062 gram per kilogram. But the preservative is forbidden to add to the carbonated beverage in Taiwan.

In addition, two other kinds of liquid preservative “benzoic acid” and “sorbic acid” were also exceeded. Now, the batch of liquid has been banned to enter Taiwan.

Coca-Cola Company Taiwan Branch explained that different regions have different preservative standards. They also revealed that the liquid was not procurement of Taiwan and was accidentally sent to Taiwan, while the ingredients are legal in mainland.

It is known that the daily intake amount of methylparaben is international allowed for each 10 mg per kilogram of one person. Take 60-kg person for example, he eat at least 600 mg per day and should be in a long-term consumption so that he may be in danger health.

However, some data shows that it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, skin, and mucous membrane inflammation and produce female hormones in a long-term and large amount of parabens consumption.

Most of the preservative are added to foods, and cosmetics, too.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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