VIDEO: Congress Battles With Obama Over US debt


Just when we thought the debt ceiling debate was all but over at least for now. Congress proved this week that battles for the Obama administration continue over the nation’s debt.

The House of Representatives voted to reject President Obama’s request to raise the debt ceiling. The vote fell mostly along partisan lines at 239-176 to defeat the measure. The latest request would raise the debt ceiling $1.2 trillion.

President Obama will look to his Democratic colleagues for support to find ways to pay for additional programs and pay off debts.

This is a hotly contested political year. The vote that was largely republican was symbolic because the deal to raise the ceiling was already made last year. But it puts the responsibility solely on the Obama administration.

When the agreement was made last year, it pushed the debt limit increase up to 2.1 trillion dollars while simultaneously making spending cuts over the next decade. The first 900 billion dollars comes from limits on federal agency spending. Experts say Republicans are showing that they agree with the cuts but not additional spending.

Despite the vote, the Senate is expected to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. Which is why some are questioning the political posturing that continues.

Colin Campbell

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