US in Agony on Two Histories


The United States is seriously agonized by two histories. One is her failure in the Korean War (25.6.1950 – 27.7.1953) and another is North Korea’s manufacture and possession of nuclear. In an attempt to alleviate the said agony, the US is describing her defeat in the Korean War as victory and the North Korean nuclear as illegal. But, such behavior of the US is causing deterioration of the agony and greater losses.

Is it “National Humiliation Day” or “Victory Day”?

It was none other than the USA, the loser of the Korean War, who most actively recognized the victory of North Korea and the defeat of the US and South Korea in the Korean War.

The US had declared that they would “complete the Korean War” in 72 hours and then would invade China. But, they were terribly defeated in the War and crystal clearly admitted their defeat after suffering such huge amounts of losses that were more than 2 times the total losses made in their 5 Great Wars — Independence War, War in 1812, Mexican War, US-Spanish War and Philippine War (the ‘US News and World Report’).

On 27.7.1953, Mr Clark, Commander-in-Chief, US Far East Army and UN Army signed the Armistice Agreement, the surrender document, and officially declared defeat and surrender of the US and South Korean side saying “A war without victory — this is the first misfortune ever in history of the United States.”

The US and the South Korean Governments were allowed to sign the surrender document after cession to North Korea of the huge granary areas in Kaesong, Haeju, Ongjin, Paechon and Yonan that had been located in the south from the pre-War Military Demarcation Line at 38°line. This serves as another evidence of the surrender of US in the War.

Upon return home, Mr Clark shed tears in two streams over the cheeks at the airport (his mother’s remembrance) and in 1954 he was dismissed from office on responsibility for the defeat in the Korean War.

The US magazine “Time” described the defeat of the US in the War as “the worst defeat”. Other US publications, too, reported, “The United States has fallen to lamentation because the US has been defeated in the War.”

There is another evidence that shows the US admittance of the terrible defeat in the Korean War: the US Government dismissed or changed all the political and military leaders on charges of incessant defeats during the War.

During this War, the United States changed her President from Truman to Eisenhower; changed the Commander-in-Chief, US Far East Army and UN Army, from MacAthur to Ridgeway and from Ridgeway to Clark; and changed the commander of the US 8th army corps, too, for 5 times.

A US Congressman said, “In the 1950s and 1960s, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate often said ‘In order to restore the defeat of the US in the Korean War…’ in their speeches. But it is regret that nowadays the word ‘defeat’ is changed to ‘victory’.”

After the War, under the US instigation the South Korean Government officially proclaimed nomination of the date of surrender (27.7.1953) as National Humiliation Day, meaning the day when the nation was humiliated by defeat in the Korean War.



For tens of years thereafter, the National Humiliation Day has been met every year as an occasion to learn a “lesson” from their defeat in the Korean War. This was so much official and loud that the word “National Humiliation Day” is exhibited as such in many South Korean dictionaries.

By the way, after some 50 years from close of the War, to the surprise of the world the US and South Korean Governments suddenly mutated and saying that it is a “forgotten victory”, started to commemorate the National Humiliation Day as a “victory day”. This year, for example, South Korea conducted such strange processions as “Ceremony of victory of operation of disembarkation to Inchon” and “Commemoration of the battle in the region of the River Rakdong”.

As everybody knows, in many museums and all archives of the world, there are tremendous piles of evidences of the defeat of the US in the Korean War. Even in the event that they had all been burnt out, nobody would dare convert the self-proclaimed National Humiliation Day to a “victory day” because it would be a humiliation to the defeated, too. But, the United States is doing so surpassing whatever imaginations of humanity.

As a USA proverb goes, “Losing money is losing small, losing friends is losing great and losing people is losing all.” By frauding the world-known and self-proclaimed history of their own, the United States is losing all of the three: money, friends and people.

Is it nuclear non-proliferation or nuclear non-manufacture?

The United States is persisting that North Korea’s manufacture of nuclear weapons is a violation of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The contradictory character of this insistence gets bare clearer as time goes by.

This Treaty is exactly a nuclear non-proliferation treaty as its linguistic meaning goes, but not a nuclear non-manufacturing treaty. Therefore, the main clauses thereof read that the nuclear powers should refrain from nuclear proliferation and nuclear threatening.

Of course, this Treaty also prohibits the non-nuclear nations from receipt of nuclear technology and from manufacture and possession of nuclear weapons. But these clauses are subsidiary to the said main clauses.

Therefore, if a nuclear power stubbornly threatened another nation by nuclear in violation of the main clauses of NPT and simultaneously sued the victim for violation of the subsidiary clauses of NPT, it would be an excessively ridiculous phenomenon both legally and logically.

Anyway, what is more important is that there is no law in the world which reads that even in case a non-nuclear nation is kept under constant nuclear threats by a nuclear power, the nation should still remain without nuclear.

The Unites States, the greatest nuclear power, has been for tens of years incessantly imposing nuclear threats on North Korea in terrible violation of the NPT. Under such exclusive situation, North Korea quitted the NPT adoring the international laws and then developed the nuclear weapons, thereby deterring war and safeguarding the world peace.

But, the United States demands North Korea’s “nuclear abandonment first”, and North Korea in her turn demands the US abandonment of her antagonistic policy against North Korea.

Who is right?

The North Korea’s “nuclear abandonment first” demanded by US means break of war of Iraqi war type, while the US quit from the antagonistic policy demanded by North Korea is clearly peace-oriented. The behavior of the US reminds us of an imagined story: There were a gangster at the door and the host in the house, each of them possessing a sword. The gangster at the door waving his sword demanded that the host should throw the sword. The demand of the US being similar to the demand of the gangster at the door, nobody would say that the US is right, if he were free to speak from the bottom of his heart.

The United States is ceaselessly performing in South Korea the world-largest nuclear war exercises aimed at the Eurasian continent meaning China and Russia. In response thereto, North Korea has taken self-defensive measures of performing experimental launches of the tactical missiles, thereby deterring war.

Thereupon, like a thief crying “Stop thief!”, the US influenced an international organ to denounce North Korea for the said self-defensive measure.

This international organ denounced only North Korea, the victim, but connived the nuclear threats of the US, the offender. This constitutes a terrible violation of the UN Charter and all the international laws without justice and fairness.

If an international organ lost justice and fairness, it would lose as much the prestige as an international organ.

Among the members of this organ, there is a strange member country, who closed their eyes at the US nuclear war exercises aimed at their own country and participated in the denunciation of North Korea, who had defended this country at the forward front line.

By the way, the United States has taken no concessionary measure to this member country in compensation of the latter’s “sacrificial favor”. On the contrary, having witnessed the cowardice of this country, the US is upgrading the military pressure on this country.

The US has not accepted the peace proposals of North Korea and has been incessantly inflicting various sanctions and nuclear threats to this country, whereupon the US has fallen to a status that the US main territory would suffer showers of missiles upon any minor preemptive ignition against North Korea.

Owing to the agony and anguish caused by the failures in every step of the sanctions and the military pressures on North Korea, the psychology of the US politicians must be in serious complication. Moreover, they could not take into consideration the fact that they had recognized their defeat in the Korean War too much clearly and for too long before their attempt to change the defeat to victory, which resulted in their great losses before the world. They also failed in outlawing the North Korean nuclear. Therefore, their agony ever grows.

The present generation in the US must correctly assess and judge the failures of the elders.

The memory of the history is never erasable.

If they want to alleviate their fast growing agony and anguish, they should be wise enough to take a new way starting with acceptance of the peace proposals of North Korea.


Mr. Kumar Gupta, India

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