Undetected Russian Submarine in US Waters Teaches Washington a Lesson


In June-July, the Akula-class submarine, an attack warship capable of carrying long-range ballistic missiles, travelled in the Gulf of Mexico patrolling the US coast.

The US satellites and hydro-acoustic sensors failed to spot it.

The US Navy spotted only the submarine’s tail when it was leaving the waters of the Gulf.

Without breaking international law a Russian nuclear-powered submarine has successfully accomplished its training mission near the coast of the US.

The submarine, which is equipped with long-range cruise missiles, shuttled for one month in the Gulf of Mexico without being detected by the US Navy, Washington Free Beacon reports citing unnamed high ranking sources in the Pentagon.

The US Navy detected the submarine only when it was leaving the waters of the Gulf.

Without violating international legislation and the sovereignty of another state the Russian Navy has managed to accomplish several tactical and strategic tasks.

First, the crew has completed a successful training mission.

Second, the Russian military forces have received data about the routes of the US submarines and ships in the Gulf.

Russia has also showed the US that an absolutely flawless security system does not exist, Vladimir Yevseyev, head of the Center of social and political studies, said:

This is a good lesson for the US, demonstrating that it should not pursue its foreign policy interests all over the world using force. Other states also have some military potential. If the US pursues its national interests only by means of force a boomerang effect will take place. The US should realize that it is also vulnerable because the anti-missile system is not efficient enough when it comes to cruised missiles, that can fly at low altitudes. Nuclear submarines carry cruise missiles, that cannot be detected using conventional means designed for repelling ballistic missiles attacks. Cruise missiles create a breach in anti-missile defense. They show that an ideal anti-missile system does not exist. This destroys the image of the US’ invincibility, which backs its policy of all permissiveness on the global arena.

While Russian military experts are congratulating each other on the successful mission, the US’ inability to spot a submarine aroused concerns in the military circles.

So far there have been no official statements from the US authorities and the military.

But it is unlikely that the information leak was accidental.

By disclosing this information the Pentagon is trying to convince the Congress not to reduce expenditure on military needs, Alexander Kramchikhin, expert with the Institute of political and military studies, says:

I don’t doubt that this information was disclosed in connection with the budget. Now significant cuts of the US military budget are under way and this campaign is aimed at preventing budget cuts in the Navy.”

Akula is a multi-purpose submarine of the Russian Navy, which is distinguished by a high level of stealth.

Russia has produced 15 submarines of this class and transferred one of them to India.


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