U.K. to set up more Confucius Institutes

In recognition of their successful operation, U.K. authorities are considering whether to set up more Confucius Institutes in the country in the following years. The initiation is echoing a Chinese fever that is starting to take a grip on the world.

Michael Gove, the UK Education Minister, made a speech at an education forum held on Tuesday night in London. He pointed out that the number of British students learning Chinese has been increasing every year thanks to the closer bond between China and the U.K. in the education field.

Up to 2010, a total of 35 Confucius Institutes were set up in England, playing a key role in prompting the study of and research on Chinese culture and language in the region.

Lately, learning Chinese language has become a fad among British young people. Chinese courses are among the most popular at U.K colleges and universities.

Many participants at the forum highlighted the importance of getting a better understanding of fast-changing China.

– CNTV/China Daily

– Image from google

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