The UN Security Council must not allow US/NATO’s land invasion against Libya!


As today’s Russian Pravda news reports, in its May 10th’s article “NATO Is Ready for a Land Operation in Libya,” it seems US/NATO gets so close to their “land invasion” plan in Libya.

According to the report from Moscow, the US/NATO insists UN Security Council should allow them to go ahead with their land invasion.

In fact, this news is not news anymore. It’s been expected from the very beginning of their March 19th’s military intervention in the name of “Execution of the UN-sanctioned No-Fly-Zone.”

The issue now is when and how!

The other issue which is much more crucial for their disguised military invasion is how to deceive the world public from their “imperial ambitions.”

The Pravda reports the three (US. Britain and France) now publicly pressure the other two permanent Security Council members (China, Russia) who seem opposed to the other three members’ military plan.

It goes as in the following:

NATO is getting ready for a land operation against Libya. The alliance requires only sanction from the U.N. Security Council. Broader intervention in Libya is due to fear of losing control of the situation. In case it’s not possible to get Russia and China to vote in favor of this operation, provocations will ensue.

The whole world watches China and Russia how they would handle another US/NATO invasion against another sovereign country.

Libya is not the Libya issue alone! Absolutely not! No, it’s not isolated from other ongoing US/NATO’s military invasions around the globe, particularly now in Afganistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, including their covert and overt military operations mostly in third world nations.

Many are deeply concerned if China and Russia ever let them go again with free ride, then that decision would be for sure an easily irrecoverable disaster not only for the other two but also for future international relations in regards to the global power relations, particularly for the newly-born G-2 relations.

As it’s been in the past, the three’s “imperial ambitions” will continue. If so, then the world will be evermore forcibly colonized under the yoke of Anglo-American-Israeli injustice, hypocrisy and their “disaster capitalism.”

Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in chief at the 4th Media is also a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.

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