Is US -led military invasion of Libya specifically targeting China in its “21st century Resource War”?


An answer to this now becoming very much clear day-by-day and much more apparent question seems to be unfortunately “Yes!”

Why? How? Who is the real and main culprit in this (another) imperial saga of “sexed up” games of lies, lies, and lies?

As F. William Engdahl has already argued US “resource war” with China in his 2008 book (“Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in The New World Order”), Managing Editor of 21st Century Wire Patrick Henningsen also persuasively argues the “21st Century resource war” with China in his most recent article “The West versus China: A new Cold War begins on Libyan soil” as well (see, archives/ 7614.html).

A former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warns the doomed-to-be-failed attempt to invade Libya as in the following: “that risky involvement stemming from American influence could lead to catastrophic breaking point in Libya.”

Recently a number of other scholars, experts and even politicians such as Dr. Roberts and even a US House of Representative Dennis J. Kucinichi came out to publicly challenge another US-led NATO military invasion against a sovereign nation Libya.

In the case of Rep. Kucinichi, he even revealed a “British-French joint military (air) drill against a fictitious country” so-called “Southland” in the name of “Southern Mistral” war games which was happened (coincidentally? or intentionally?) to be scheduled from March 21 to 25, just two days before the March 19th’s US, the UK, and French joint air attacks against Libya (see,

However, by now, what’s become absolutely clear is that the whole thing about Libya is another complete set of “lies,” as it was exactly the same case in Iraq in 2003, as a Russian newspaper Pravda calls it in its most recent article “Libya: Lies” (see, 7773.html).

Henningsen concludes “all of these complexed efforts [i.e., lies to cover up the US-led NATO military invasion of Libya] are used to shroud Western corporate and military long-term agendas in the region, all part[s] and parcel[s] of these new Resource Wars with China.”

It seems for sure now all these “sexed up lies” were designed to drive out Chinese influence, particularly its rapidly growing business interests from the whole African region.

Kucinichi also conclusively argues “the intelligence making the case for the war was ‘sexed up.’ President Bush and Vice President Cheney made a false case for war. An expensive lie! In the name of saving the people of Iraq, we bombed the country, invaded, changed the regime and it is still a carnival of death.”

He continues to challenge by arguing: “But it will beg more questions such as who or what is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and how did they work their way from the North Atlantic to the Gulf of Sidra, not to mention in Afghanistan on the Chinese border?”

Henningsen predicts US-led western imperial ambitions will come to an end “one day because the Neo-Roman Anglo-American Empire with all its legions abroad cannot manage its fragile domestic affairs back at home.” “The once great empire goes out with a whimper too fat and too bankrupt to carry on.”

Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor-in-chief at the 4th Media and a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication.


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