The survey on 7-23 Wenzhou rear-end accident has been completed: Huang Yi

“The accident not only exposed the flaws of the signal system, resulting in failure problem caused by thunder and lightning, but also reflects the loopholes of the emergency response and poor safety management after the bullet train’s failure. The accident shouldn’t be happen, while it really can be avoid and prevented,” Huang Yi, the spokesman of State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS).

Huang said that the technical report on Wenzhou high-speed rail crash and experts’ report of the accident’s direct cause have been completed. The next step is to identify the responsibility of the accident.

According to Huang Yi, during the previous period, the accident investigation team investigated the scene of 7-23 accident, and collected and analyzed the original data, including interpretation of the black box, while the relevant units and related people were questioned. The relevant information has also been analyzed by experts. Huang said they have mastered a large amount of valuable evidence and information on the accident through these hard and meticulous works.

When the direct cause, indirect cause of the accident and the responsibility for the accident need some time to be identified, further analysis and research to be scientific conclusions. In general, the official accident investigation team will be hand over the report to the central government in September.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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