The statement of “Using the condom is not rap” raps the law of the People’s Republic of China

May 17, a middle school teacher Zhou Qin was raped by the director of Land and Resource Management Wang Zhonggui at Guizhou province, after accompanied 8 leader to drink which forced by the president of her school. Zhou Qin reported to the local police station, but the police, unexpectedly, said Wang used the condom so that can only demonstrate that he had sexual relation with Zhou.   
The police station cannot hide the attempt to clear Wang to the crime even they gave a so ridiculous conclusion.
Not only the police but the local Land and Resources Bureau want resolve this crime privately and hope Zhou can receive the settlement and don’t make more troubles, but denied by Zhou.

I believe that these local government officials use the power and money frequently and settle the persecutions is the refraction of against the law of People’s Republic of China. The suspect Wang not only raped Zhou Qin but raped the saint law of the country publicly.

Source: Tianya

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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