In the year, we still believe in love

In the year, Aoi Sola still is a virgin; Edison Chen still has no camera; the horse don’t mean anything; chrysanthemum just is a flower; 2B pencil just is a pencil; instant noodles still have seasoning; a cup just is used for brush your teeth; cucumber and banana just eat; professor haven’t be called the beast; the sun is not called “日” (fuck); the leader haven’t written a diary (no Weibo either); pear is not so big; the baby knows its father; at that time, we still believe in love.

“Leo_Yoko-Sun”: In the year, we still are pure.

“圈圈里的幸福”: It’s not we don’t understand, but the world changing too fast.

“刘薇Shpphire-Lau”: In the year, the king still don’t know Xia Yuhe.

“感性张无忌”: In the year, Da Vinci is a artist, not furniture.

“宝藏v”: In the year, Li Gang haven’t born a son; Sister Feng is just a legend; I believe in Buddhism not Chun brother; Fu Rong is not our sister; a hoe is not used for digging a corner; the nun will not compete with buddhist monk for toist priest; people will not steel vegetable; we can buy soy sauce.

Source: Sina Weibo

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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