The Rohingya, Myanmar and Suu Kyi´s difficult Dance with Double Standards. It takesTwo to Tango.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, more than 70.000 predominantly Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar´s Rakhine State are displaced and dependent on support from the UNHCR, the World Food Program, WFP, and associated NGOs.

Myanmar´s government and opposition are increasingly criticized for failure to end the violence and to grant citizenship to the Rohingya.

Nobel Peace Laureate Suu Kyi warns against the dangers of promoting a particular cause without looking at the root problems but fails to address them and points toward the U.N. to solve the problem.

Knowing that the U.N. was involved in manufacturing the problem to begin with, Suu-Kyi  is dancing a difficult dance with double standards. It takes at least two to Tango, and Suu-Kyi is dancing in good company, even in very unexpected company, and on the back of the Rohingya.

Suu-Kyi is not alone, and how could she be? The suffering of the Rohingya is far to precious an asset to not to be used by others.

The primary beneficiary of the plight of the Rohingya is Bangladesh. The approximately 800.000 Rohingya in Myanmar are predominantly descendants of the Rohingya which were displaced during violent social, later religious unrest in Bangladesh in 1948. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the Rohingya in Bangladesh still is displaced and that Bangladesh has failed to reintegrate them since 1948.

In fact, the Rohingya are one of the most precious assets of the military intelligence service of Bangladesh, which is ever so present in the refugee camps. In 1973 Bangladesh used the Rohingya in an attempt to set up a Rohingya State with a proxy government in Myanmar´s Rakhine State. During the 80s and 90s the CIA and Bangladesh used the Rohingya as recruitment basis for Mujahedeen to fight in Afghanistan.

Today the military intelligence service of Bangladesh monitors a significant influx of members of the HuJI, one of the most significant suppliers of Al-Qaeda operatives and troops worldwide.Naturally this is organized with significant monetary support from Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the CIA, and under the watchful eye of the UNHCR and the WFP.

The so-called religious violence that erupted in Rakhine state in early 2012 was yet another attempt by Bangladesh to control Rakhine State and naturally, in cooperation with their Al Qaeda assets from the ever so loyal HuJI and in cooperation with the U.N.

It is worth mentioning that the United Nations Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action, short FT also is very active in Myanmar and that it is sponsored by one of Suu-Kyi´s primary sponsors, the self-proclaimed philanthropist and multi-billionaire George Soros.

Earlyer this year two employees of the UNHCR and the WFP were arrested in Myanmar and sentenced for their complicity in the manufacturing of the violence between the Rohingya and Buddhists. Not surprisingly, Suu-Kyi is reluctant to point to the U.N. as part of the root problems which need to be addressed.

One of these root problems it the United Nations failure to pressure the government of Bangladesh to re-integrate the Rohingya in Bangladesh into the social network of the country and to allow the return of those who have been displaced to Myanmar´s Rakhine State.

But right, one should of course take into account that Rakhine State is the most rich area in the Greater Mekong Region in terms of natural resources, predominantly oil and gas, and that Rakhine State has become an important factor in the U.S.´s strategic encirclement of China.

As long as the United Nations does nothing to obstruct the abuse of the Rohingya as recruitment potential for the HuJI and as long as their suffering facilitates the scapegoating of Myanmar, it really fulfills its true function,- or did I misunderstand something about the U.N. ?

The fact that Bangladesh, the U.S.A., big oil and gas, Soros and the U.N. abuse the suffering of the Rohingya is, as appalling as it is, at least understandable from a logical perspective. What I really don´t understand is how Iran can stupe to the level of joining the choir of save the Rohingya proponents without at least scoring a few major political points.

If Iran is really interested in supporting the Rohingya and at the same time scoring important political points it could do so easily.

Pressure Bangladesh to stop preventing their reintegration into the social fabric of the country. Pressure the military intelligence service of Bangladesh to stop abusing the Rohingya as recruitment potential for the Al Qaeda associated HuJI. That could also deliver a bad PR blow to the CIA. Iran could finally deliver a blow to the U.N. that would really hurt – below the belt so to speak.

So what is it with Iran. They don´t tend to be outright wasteful with precious ammunition and if the Islamic solidarity with the Rohingya was honest they could actually really try to help the Rohingya who have suffered enough since 1948.

Could it be that there is a lack of convergence between the interest of Iran and Myanmar with respect to the colossal natural gas resources of Rakhine State ?

It seems that other than Suu-Kyi have problems with double standards, and that Iran has joined the club who dances the double standard two-step. Happy Dancing Zillur Rahman, Suu-Kyi, Prince Saud, Soros, Kyi-Moon, Hillary and Ahmedinejad. Mind your toes and watch your steps while dancing on the backs of the Rohingya.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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