Imagine the US inviting the Queen of England to a formal state visit. Yet, the monarch wouldn’t be allowed to see Washington; she would be received at the fanciest McDonald’s branch in New York City. This is exactly what happened to President Obama, the first American ruler to visit Myanmar. Between November 17 and 20, 2012, he visited Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. In the latter, he was received at Yangon, the old capital, and not at Naypyidaw, the current one. This wasn’t the only oddity of the visit. American media made a fuzz of President Obama using for the first time the official name of the country, Myanmar.
Until now, the US Government preferred the British imperial name, Burma, which is an awful transliteration of Bamar, the main ethnic group in the country.

UN’s Ambiguous Role in Plight of Myanmar´s Rohingya

Four month after the eruption of the inter-communal violence in Myanmar´s Rakhine State, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that some 75.000 are internally displaced and that the numbers are rising. The…

The 18th CPC Congress Special: Aung San Suu Kyi and Her Movement: Creations of US/West’s Corporate-financier Interests

The Queen of Corporate-Fascist Faux “Democracy”: Aung San Suu Kyi Goes to Washington and Exposes US “Democracy Promotion” as Corporate-Fascist Racket Key Points: Aung San Suu Kyi and her movement are creations of Western corporate-financier interests. Suu Kyi has recently received a series of suspect “awards” from corporate-financier sponsored institutions. Awarding institutions represent the antithesis of Suu Kyi’s alleged ideals of “democracy,” “freedom,” and “human rights.” Suu Kyi’s movement has been recently exposed as genocidal bigots, which is perhaps the reason the US has staged this latest PR “awards” blitz. Nothing could say “democracy” and “humanitarianism” less than big-oil’s Chevron, Exxon, BP, ConocoPhillips, or international financier criminals like Deutsche Bank, Blackstone, Barclays, Citigroup, or perhaps defense contractors and war profiteers EADS, General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Nazi collaborators IBM. Professional propagandists like News Corporations (Fox News), Bloomberg, and Reuters, as well as public relations firms like Edelman, who make the vast criminal conspiracies of the above mentioned possible, also constitute the antithesis of “democracy promotion.”

The 18th CPC Congress: MYANMAR the Next Target for the US-led Globalization and the Strategic Encirclement of China?

Early 2012 violent clashes between Muslim Rohingya and Buddhists broke out in Myanmar´s Rakhine State which is bordering to Bangladesh. In 2011 Myanmar ended 49 years of military rule. It is slowly implementing political, social, legal and economical reforms. It has been troubled by supposed ethnic conflicts for decades; Remnants of the British Divide and Conquer Strategy, aggravated by world war two and modo-colonial influences. It is the most rich country in the greater Mekong region in terms of natural resources. Yet it is one of the lowest ranking on the Social Development Index. The end of military rule opened the doors for western corporations, NGOs, think-tanks, human rights organizations and to a greater influence of UN Agencies. Many of them, UN-agencies included, are associated to and sponsored by the likes of the self-proclaimed philanthropist and multi-billionaire George Soros.

Japan to provide education assistance to Myanmar

YANGON, April 11 (Xinhua) — The Japanese government will supply over 380,000 U.S. dollars for the education sector in Myanmar this month, local media reported Wednesday. Under its Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects…

Elections begins in Myanmar

Editor’s Note: Despite voices of opposition from the West calling the latest election in Myanmar/ Burma as a ‘sham’ and ‘undemocratic’, it is important to  remember that countries must be given a chance to develop…