Libyan gov’t: Attacks risk civil war

Libyan government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, has accused the West of interfering in his country’s affairs without first entering into peaceful dialogue. He made the remarks, in an interview with British broadcaster, Sky News. He said,…

Obama authorizes secret support for Libya rebels

 U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing the Central Intelligence Agency to conduct covert operations to help rebels in Libya, media reports said here on Wednesday. Obama signed the order, known as…

Libya invasion: America tells more lies

The first lie President Obama told the world came on Monday as he addressed his nation. He said NATO is taking over command from the US in Libya and that US action is limited to defending civilians who are under attack by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.

But the fact is that transferring command to NATO makes no difference. NATO is dominated militarily and politically by the US, thus, the US still commands the destruction of Libya and is still involved in killing civilians with the missiles that are being dropped over the country. America, historically has never allowed its forces to operate in a foreign land under a foreign command – and this will not happen in Libya.