Libyan gov’t: Attacks risk civil war

Libyan government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, has accused the West of interfering in his country’s affairs without first entering into peaceful dialogue. He made the remarks, in an interview with British broadcaster, Sky News.

He said, “We are the only party in the conflict that said let’s come to the negotiation table; we are the only party that said we are prepared to have a political solution.

What we are saying is that rockets and bombs will make the country like Iraq: civil war, instability, misery, deaths among civilians and military personnel, fear and worry, shortage of food, shortage of fuel, medicine. For four weeks we have been begging the international community to judge us on the ground. We are being accused of crimes, judged and punished without any proper investigation apart, of course, from the lies of media.”

Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Kaim, also says the so-called coalition is heavily involved in the attacks on Libyan armed forces AND civilians. He says it’s pushing Libya to the brink of civil war.

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