In the Eyes of Hegemonic Powers There Are Only “Crimes against Western Interests”

Translated by Peixin Lin:

In recent days, countries such as the U.S., France and the U.K. have already conducted many rounds of air strikes against Libya. Following the bombing of the oil pipeline, the deaths of civilians and decreased internal stability, peace-loving people around the world are once again deeply aware of the fact that in the eyes of hegemonic powers, there are only “crimes against Western interests.”

The hypocrisy of Western interest groups who frequently claim to be for “human rights” is fully revealed in this Libyan crisis and war. How could France, who once opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, now call for violence in a high-profile manner? Even public opinion in Europe has already clearly understood France’s “self-serving interests”: firstly, to exhibit French influence at the international level; secondly, to clear the way for establishing the blueprint for a Mediterranean Union; and thirdly, to ensure its economic and energy resource interests in important oil-producing African nations.

As the saying goes, “this moment is not that; circumstances have changed.” As long as Western self-interests have been violated, with no care for world peace and human rights, the mask will be torn off to reveal bullying, violent interventions, with no consideration of the past or the future, acting without cautious deliberations.

Considering developments of the past few days, even with Libya having declared an immediate ceasefire and willingness to dialogue with the opposition, Western nations still conspired to gain a U.N.-sanctioned “no-fly zone” and thereafter could not wait to start military intervention. Arbitrarily and violently intervening in the internal affairs of another nation goes beyond U.N. authority and completely goes against the U.N. Charter. Thus, even though they fly the flags of “protecting human rights” and “protecting the civilians,” they are in reality finding excuses to consolidate their economic and political interests in the region. Even if, pre-action, these “hired thugs of the powerful” have accused Libya and Gadhafi of various “charges,” at its core and substance, this is nothing more than a “crime of blockage” of Western interests!

Oriental Morning Post, China

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