Syria: MI6 and Whom Else is “The Guardian” a Guardian For?

When the MI6 is caught red handed in illegal and homicidal activities in Syria the world as we know it is “normal“, no alarm. It becomes an entirely different matter all together when these criminal activities become so prevalent in the independent public domain reporting that the murderous UK foreign policy becomes a public embarrassment.

Something has to be done about it; And what better strategy to use than scapegoating those who point the finger and shout “bloody murder“, or, to position those who might do just that, as if they had done it, and by doing so supported “that bloody tyrannical regime against which our homey MI6 boys are fighting the good fight“.

To do that effectively, off course, one needs to have complicit media outlets to act as a “Guardian for the Freedom, Democracy and Cultivated Behavior” that would justify some minor crimes such as waging an illegal but covert war against a sovereign nation, and the military, financial, logistic and other support that leads to the death of thousands of it`s citizens. Speaking about the need for such a Guardian among media outlets, what better choice than making use of “The Guardian“.

The product of the public embarrassment of Her Majesties Service and the attempt to use media to deflect attention is to be found in “The Guardian” of course. ” Assad e-mails: Father-in-law gave advice from UK during crackdown” (1)

In it, the Harley Street cardiologist and father-in-law to the brutal tyrant Bashar Al-Assad is positioned as close adviser to Assad, who “normally” has some rather modernizing influence over his son-in-law.

BUT – according to “a cache of what appear to be e-mails sent and received by Bashar Al-Assad and his wife” emphasis on “appear to be please, Dr. Fawas Akhras has supposedly offered the advice to the “regime” that it “should spin” it`s suppression of the uprising, including how best to rebut graphic video footage appearing to show the torture of children by Syrian forces.

The Guardian of MI6 then continues stating that “a collection of several thousand messages to and from Assad`s private email accounts obtained by The Guardian appears to show that the violence...” etc.

The primary question real media would ask, of course, is if the e-mails are legitimate, but when one operates on behalf of the boys and girls from MI6, one can of course try to neglect such minor details. After all, the function of the article is deflecting attention away from Her Majesty`s Services Crimes. The Guardian is thus content with stating, that the e-mails were intercepted by “Members of a Syrian Opposition Group“; an un-named opposition group, of course.

For the sake of intellectual exercise, let us for a moment work from the premises that the mails were legitimate. Who helped this opposition group to access the Syrian Presidents e-mail accounts anyways ? Ruppert Murdoch ? He has some experience in illegally accessing private correspondence, right – but Murdoch and The Guardian ? We have to do better than that. My best guess would be the guys from the MI6, who are more likely to have the know how to access highly secured and encrypted correspondence than some Murdoch’s or the Free Syrian Army – which by the way brings us back to the question why the MI6 is so desperately in need to deflect attention away from itself that we suddenly hear about something that appears to be e-mails between Assad and his Father-In-Law.

Now “if” the e-mails are legitimate, which for obvious reasons is highly doubtful, it would be very understandable and most likely that their content showed that Dr. Fawas Akhras would have advised his son-in-law to adjust the Syrian Governments media policy with concerns to the situation in the country. The e-mails don`t have to be legitimate to realize that the Syrian Government behaves extremely diplomatic and extremely polite; and as some analysts, myself included see it, too polite and diplomatic for their own and the nations good.

One may recall that the father of President Bashar al-Assad, Hafez al-Assad was an extremely skillful politician and diplomat, who almost succeeded at negotiating a permanent and lasting Middle East Peace with then US Secretary of State Baker, had it not been for the fact that Israel sabotaged the negotiations by establishing a new settlement at each new round of talks. Baker gave an interview from Damascus, visibly outraged about Israel, stating something to the effect that “some of us are trying to work towards peace, while others do everything in their power to sabotage it“.

The most likely reason for Bashar Al-Assad`s reluctance to shout “bloody murder” about MI6 involvement in the insurgency is, that he, like his father is a man of peace, and that he is developing a long term strategy for a Syria and a Baath Party that continues to play a significant role in the region and on regional matters such as Palestine. Let`s face the truth, after 60 years even those with Zionist sympathies have understood that the greatest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is Israel.

The Syrian Governments media strategy is seemingly in line with the Russian governments media policy. Rather than scapegoating and positioning the adversary as devil incarnate, or merely as the war criminals they really are, it is most likely considered to be more wise to think in long term solutions towards peace, where the UK, USA, EU, are drumming the war drums with NATO waiting in the corner like a pit bull ready to face the bear.

Let`s for the sake of intellectual exercise ponder over what a Dr. Fahwas Akhras, or anybody else who has grown impatient with Syrian and Russian civilized behavior could have suggested to President Bashar Al-Assad and the government of Syria.

Your Excellency” or should we say ” My SonIn-Law“:

The entire worlds diplomatic corps are aware of the fact that the UK, and namely MI6 are heavily involved in providing military, logistic, and financial support to the insurgency. I understand that You are thinking in long term strategies, but it would be highly opportune to at least publicly state that the Government of Syria is aware of the following, and that it intends to take legal and public actions about:

The fact that the MI6 has been co-operating with the Al-Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) for decades. In particular it is worth mentioning that MI6 and LIFG cooperated in an assassination attempt against Muammar Ghadafi in 1996. (2)

That this LIFG-MI6 cooperation was a substantial element of the illegal NATO-GCC war on Libya, and that the commander of the LIFG, the known terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj, has been cooperating with MI6, the CIA, as well as NATO Intelligence since the 80th. (3)

To counter Western Propaganda, it would be wise to publicly state, that the Government of Syria is aware of the fact, that this known terrorist and MI6-Asset is now in direct command over large parts of what is euphemistically called “The Free Syrian Army” and that the Government is aware of the fact that some 18.000 LIFG / NATO mercenaries, who are part of over 40.000 NATO/GCC – led mercenaries are operating from the Jordanian-Syrian border region near the village of Al-Mafriq – and mentioning this, it would be wise also to document that Turkish Military Intelligence has opened a recruitment office as well as an Intelligence Operations Room in Mekkah Street, Amman, Jordan. (4)

We could arrange an international press conference in Damascus, inviting all major international media for making this statement, and while we are at it, it would be the perfect opportunity to add the following:

That the Government of Syria has hard evidence for the fact that Saudi Arabia is financing and arming Al Qaeda fighters inside Syria, that Qatar is complicit with the UK, MI6 and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

That the Government of Syria is restraining itself diplomatically in an attempt to find a peaceful settlement to the dispute, so it can proceed with domestic reforms and reconciliation, but that patience is wearing out.

Finally, it should be added, that unless the governments of the USA, the UK, other involved NATO member states, Libya and the LIFG or Tripoli Military Council, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, as well as individual actors who act on their behalves or in collusion with them, such as Walid Jumblatt, Saad Hariri and associates document within 14 days that they have ceased their illegal and covert military aggression against Syria, the Syrian government will make publicly accessible classified documents which detail their criminal involvement in the attempted subversion. That the country`s intelligence services are working 24/7 to black out any information that could endanger agents of Syria or of friendly nations and expects to be ready with the documents within 14 days.

It would be interesting to observe how The Guardian of MI6 et al. and of the NATO war crimes cartel would respond to such press release from the government of Syria. After all, previously classified documents, officially released by the Government of Syria and signed by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al-Assad should be far more credible than what The Guardian calls “a cache of what appear to be e-mails sent and received by Bashar Al-Assad and his wife” and “a collection of several thousand messages to and from Assad`s private email accounts obtained by The Guardian appears to show that the violence. Emphasis on “appears to be” and emphasis on the source “ an anonymous Opposition Group

It seems that the best way for the public, to be On Guard against MI6 Propaganda and other Distasteful Spin is – Be On Guard When Reading The Guardian !

Dr. Christof Lehmann

21.03.2012 – nsnbc

1) Assad e-mails: Father-in-law gave advice from UK during crackdown. The Guardian, UK, 15.03.2012.

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