There is no way out but victory. If they lose, it is the end of their civilizations.

In the meanwhile, George Soros warns of a possible war between the USA and China, and an influential Chinese newspaper agrees. … whether the West likes it or not, Napoléon’s oriental sleeping lion is back in historical form. The West has two choices: come to the negotiating table with BRICS or take our Pale Blue Dot down in a fog of nuclear oblivion. Empire is so evil and corrupt, I’m leaning towards the latter scenario, to be honest. But I am also an eternal optimist. Here is to hoping that some superhero, American Vasili Arkhipov or Stanislav Petrov (they both defused potential nuclear war with the US, back in the day) can somehow short circuit the Joint Chiefs of Staff/CIA/Wall Street deep state, which has been ruling the United States since WWII, and bring humanity back from the brink. Either way world, welcome to the Xi Era – and the Putin Era – and with fingers crossed – the Modi Era too.