Korean People Want ‘Peaceful and Self-determined Reunification’, US Does Not

DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un, left and ROK President Moon Jae-in, holding hands in symbolic reunification, while stepping back and forth over the USA’s artificially enforced border along the 38th parallel. The world will be changed forever if the Peninsula reunifies.

It is no understatement to say that Korea’s détente this week is the greatest chance for peace, so far, in the 21st century. After living with a US contrived ceasefire for 65 years, the two halves of the artificially divided Korean people are finally promising to sign a full peace treaty by the end of this year and create steps towards reunification.

This would never have happened if any Clinton, Bush or Obama were in the White House. You can bitch all you want about US President Donald Trump’s unorthodox, chaotic foreign policy, or lack thereof, but his rapprochement with Kim Jong-un, the DPRK’s (North Korea) Chairman was key.

South Korean (ROK) President Moon Jae-in also deserves credit, for his willingness to work with DPRK and Kim, remembering that there are citizens rotting in ROK prisons for publicly saying something good about the North, a crime in the South’s repressive, Western-style fascist society.

But the real kudos go to DPRK’s leader, Kim Jong-un. He held all the cards. He was in control of the situation the whole time. He had the world holding its breath about the North’s nuclear arsenal and could have kept up the suspense and the heat on the US and Japan for as long as he wanted.

But, he didn’t. He masterfully played the peace card and might now win the Nobel Prize for his vision. I am convinced that Baba Beijing (China’ leadership) has been and will continue to play a huge, behind the scenes role. In fact, per the ceasefire, five parties should have to sign any peace treaty: the two Koreas, China, the United States and the United Nations.

The Western media were trying to downplay the summit, hopefully predicting that not much would transpire. They were thankfully wrong. The final communiqué is bold, daring and visionary. If allowed to come to fruition, it will change the world forever.

I say allowed, because there are many dark forces that are going to try to destroy Korea’s reunification, in its womb.

For the last 65 years, the USA has been working tirelessly to keep the Peninsula on a war footing. It’s not about Korea, it’s all about threatening and encircling communist-socialist China, the former USSR and now anti-imperial Russia.

Both countries have common borders with DPRK and both were instrumental in soundly defeating Uncle Sam’s “United Nations” forces in the Korean War, 1950-1953. The USA even blatantly used illegal germ warfare and carpet bombed three million North Koreans to their early graves, and still resoundingly lost to the communist DPRK-China-USSR alliance.

I fear a Western false flag will be pulled off to scuttle the whole thing. ROK President Moon had better have a loyal security team, watch his back and triple check every mode of transport he uses. They can’t get to Kim, so the West will kill Moon in a heartbeat if they can get to him, then blame it on Kim and DPRK.

See, we told you so, it was all just a sick commie ruse to fool the world. Back to the big business of war.

Korea represents many billions of dollars in military sales and contracts for Wall Street.

As well, there are many fascists embedded in ROK’s military and government, as well as in Japan’s. These two countries’ militaries also reap billions of dollars in weapons and service contracts from a divided and occupied peninsula and an occupied Japan.

Don’t forget that the ROK military authority is run by the US’s generals, not Koreans.

One of the biggest justifications for keeping 90,000 US troops in Japan is the “menace” of North Korea. Reunify the Peninsula and keeping Japan militarily occupied becomes more tenuous, even when we know it’s all about China and Russia.

Thousands of careers at the Pentagon, Department of State, NATO, in Brussels, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, in Cold War-anti-communist think tanks and university professorships are all legitimized by a demonized Kim and DPRK.

Capitalism’s biggest enemy is peace, thus armies of bureaucratic and business warmongers in the West and Asia will now go into overdrive to destroy the Korean people’s dream of reunification.

We now have the West’s postwar communist domino theory updated to the 21st century’s anti-imperial peace domino theory.

If one country says no more war, then another will do the same thing, and then another, etc. The peace domino theory is capitalism’s worst nightmare. For now, we can exhale, smile and dream. The next year is going to be very interesting indeed.

Capitalism’s worst nightmare: peace breaking out all over Asia and then the rest of the world.


By Jeff J. Brown


The 21st Century

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